7 Ways to Improve Your Eyesight While Driving

Thu Feb 02 2017

One prominent issue that people with weak vision have to face is the struggle of driving past sunset. If you are one of those hapless souls, then you would then you would totally understand the hustle of driving amidst of torturing light beams which directly target your eyeballs or the trouble of continuously switching between high beam and low beam of your headlight. These difficulties can turn out to be hazardous on road. However, it is not an option to let go off driving because of such a problem. Thus, as it is said, prevention is better than the cure, therefore, the best recourse to avoid any sort of mishap while driving is to adapt ways to improve your eyesight. A few ways to improve your eyesight while driving, mentioned below.

  • Do not expose your eyes to the sun directly at day-time
To be able to see well at night, you should not expose your eyes to unfiltered sunlight during the daytime. This is so because 50% of your night vision can be lost by 10 successive days of exposure to direct sunlight. Wearing optimum quality sunglasses can be a solution. Any sunglass that mediates more than 15% of light is not a glass to be chosen.
  • Make use of your peripheral vision to see while driving in Night
Rods and Cones are two types of photoreceptor cells that are situated in our retina which helps us to see. Cones give us our day sight because they are receptive to colours. Whereas, Rods detects motion and effectively works in dim lights. Based on the placement of rods around our retinas, Rods can be best employed to see if we do not look straight at any object rather if we glance at it edgeways. So while driving at night avert your eyes a little and see sideways, this will give you a better vision.
  • Do not keep looking in one direction only while driving
Our eyes require a minimum of 25 minutes to completely adjust to dark or dim lights. In such a scenario, if we keep on staring at one particular direction while driving, then our eyes would most likely adapt to that source of light. Therefore, when you are on the road, keep on moving your eyes around.
  • If you wear glasses, get the ones with Antireflective Coating
You can get an antireflective coating on your glasses. It is helpful because, it decreases the amount of light that reaches your eyes, by 8%. However, this corrective measure is for only those people who regularly wear corrective lenses.
  • Smoking is injurious to your eye health
We know that smoking is injurious to health. Well, a fact about it that you should know is that it does not only harm our lungs. However, the nicotine present in cigarettes can also adversely affect your night vision and degrade it. Therefore, to be able to drive safe at night, you should totally avoid both ways of direct and passive smoking. It is said so because the intake of nicotine and carbon monoxide’s hypoxic effect can prove to be perilous for the health of your eyes.
  • Have Regular Eye Check-ups for maintaining healthy eyesight
Regular eye check-upsare a must if you are suffering from any type of eye problem. Your night vision is a major issue and if it has already been long since you last consulted your doctor then it is time for you to get an appointment fixed.
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One prominent issue that people with weak vision have to face is the struggle of driving past sunset. If you are one of those...
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