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Category: Cataract

A Complete Guide on Laser Cataracts Surgery: Meaning, Benefits, & Treatment


A cataract is an eye disorder that causes clouding of the natural lens of the eye. It can neither be cured with medications nor corrected with glasses. It can only be prevented. One way to correct it is by undergoing Femto Laser-Assisted Cataract Surgery (FLACS). It is an advanced surgery that is performed using Femto Read More

All You Wanted to Know About Cataracts in Children


Clouding in your child’s eyes? It may be a cataract. A cataract is an eye condition in which your natural lens in the eye starts to become cloudy over time and affects your vision. Cataract most commonly affects people above 40, but some babies are also born with it. Cataracts are rarely found in children. Read More

Everything You Need To Know About Lens Replacement Surgery: Meaning, Procedure, And Recovery


For those who are frustrated with deteriorating vision, lens replacement surgery (RLE) is a solution. It is a vision correction technique. The procedure is permanent and safe for people suffering from both long and short-sightedness. Even if you’re diagnosed with astigmatism, cataract, presbyopia, or have a dependency on bifocal, varifocal or multifocal contact lenses or Read More

When is the Right Time to Get Cataract Surgery Done?


Every time an ophthalmologist diagnoses someone with cataracts, the next question is ‘when to execute it?’ In all honesty, the right time to get it done is when your vision gets blurred and you are not in a position to see things clearly. Usually, as a person ages, he tends to develop a cloud on Read More

Story of wearing Contact Lenses and the risk of corneal ulcer


These days, people wear contact lenses very frequently. In order to look spectacle free at events, contact lenses come really handy. But as they say ‘excess of anything is harmful’, it goes pretty well with the current generation that heavily depends on lenses. Wearing contact lenses for longer durations and periods can have the wrong Read More

Cataract – Everything You Should Know About it

Did you know, the World Health Organization (WHO) lists down ‘cataracts’ as one of the leading causes of blindness and visual impairment? Though the onset of cataract is gradual and more commonly seen in aged people, there are reported cases of cataracts in children as well. Let’s understand this problem in detail. Cataract Formation (What Read More

Cataract Surgery – How to Choose the Best Eye Care Center for your Needs?


As per a report that came in December 2018, there are approximately 12 million blind people in India. Are you aware that 62.5% of the blindness is attributed to cataract? This is the level of severity and such scenarios require immediate action. What is Cataract after all? In a normal human being, the lenses in Read More

Have a look at the ways you can spot the symptoms of Cataract!

Ways you can spot the symptoms of Cataract

Cataracts are a common eye problem mostly related to ageing. It refers to a clouding of the lens inside the eye, which starts affecting vision as rays of light cannot penetrate through the cloudy lens. Cataracts are very common in older people but fortunately are also easily curable due to advancements in modern cataract eye Read More

Do you know about Posterior Subcapsular Cataracts? How is it caused?

About Posterior Subcapsular Cataracts

What are Cataracts? When rays of light enter our eyes, they go through the lens located inside the eye. A normally functioning lens is transparent and bends the rays of light coming into our eyes, so they focus on the retina perfectly. The rays are then converted into nerve signals which are sent to the Read More

Tips to Prevent Cataract?

Tips to Prevent Cataract

Cataracts refer to a vision impairment where cloudy vision is caused by a clouding of the lens inside our eye. It is a common and curable vision impairment and is mostly associated with ageing. Most people are expected to develop cataracts over the age of eighty. They can develop in either one or both the Read More