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LAISIK- Frequently Asked Questions


Dr Shilpi
Dr Shilpi
2 min read

When it comes to surgeries and medical procedures, everyone is a little hesitant and has many queries and doubts. Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about LASIK laser treatment.

Is LASIK safe?
With the detailed screening tests before the surgery and the latest technology for LASIK treatment being available, LASIK is one of the safer medical procedures. However, risks are associated with any surgical procedure. Studies suggest that the incidence of minor difficulties such as dry eyes and nighttime glare are common after LASIK procedure.

Can both the eyes be done at the same time?
Most surgeons perform LASIK on both eyes at the same time.

How is Blade free LASIK different from previous types of refractive eye surgery?
Blade free LASIK has a higher predictability of the final result with a lower incidence of complications. Moreover, older techniques typically involved manually performed incisions rather than the present automated lasers for vision correction.

Does LASIK hurt?
You won’t feel pain during LASIK because your surgeon will put anesthetic eye drops in your eye before the procedure. Afterwards, he or she may prescribe pain medication in rare cases, if necessary. Many patients report no more than mild discomfort for a day or two after the surgery.

How long does LASIK take?
The laser treatment itself usually takes less than a minute, while the entire procedure takes approximately 15 minutes per eye.
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