Know How To Treat Computer Vision Syndrome?

Mon Sep 18 2023

How can one treat computer vision syndrome?

We are living in an age where digital devices have become a prominent means of information, education, entertainment and more. With almost everything being digitized, our dependency on digital devices has increased like never before. Hence, we need to level up our eye care.

According to studies, computer vision syndrome affects around 60% of million people globally. Eyestrain, dry eyes, headache, and neck and shoulder pain are common computer vision syndrome symptoms. Before putting forth the computer vision syndrome, let’s briefly know who has a higher chance of suffering from this eye problem.

Who is at higher risk of developing computer vision syndrome?

If you actively work on digital screens, look out for these warning signs that make you prone to computer eye syndrome:

  • Spending more than 3-4 hours on a computer, laptop, iPad, smartphone, etc.
  • Keeping digital devices at the wrong distance (too close or too far) and angle
  • Poor lighting and glare or reflections on the screen
  • Improper posture while working on a digital device
  • Not wearing prescribed eyeglasses or contact lenses
  • Not taking screen breaks for hours

If you resonate with symptoms and risk factors, do get yourself checked and follow proper eye care steps.

Computer Vision Syndrome Treatment- Don’t delay or neglect!


Doctors diagnose eye strain due to computer or digital eye strain by running a comprehensive eye examination. Your eye doctor will ask about your medical history, general health and any ongoing medication that can add to computer vision syndrome symptoms. The ability of eyes to distinguish the details and shapes of objects at a specific distance, called visual acuity is also checked. In addition, your doctor will also check refractive errors in your eyes to diagnose if you’ve nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism. Once the diagnosis is clear, the doctor discusses a personalized treatment plan best suited for your eyes to get rid of computer eye syndrome.


There are various solutions to solve vision-related problems caused due to high screen time. Introducing or upgrading eye care and managing screen time accordingly plays a pivotal role here. Some people may not require spectacles for routine activities other than digital screen work. And, those who may already be wearing prescribed eyeglasses, may need anti-glare or new glasses according to their current prescription.

Eye specialists recommend certain lenses which meet the unique needs of our eyes regarding computer work. Lens powers and lens coatings along with special lens designs also help in giving optimum visual ease. Depending upon the extent or severity of dry eyes, redness, and eye fatigue, doctors prescribe lubricant eye drops to relax eye muscles and soothe soreness. While taking a screen break, indulge in other things like simply taking a walk, doing some paperwork, etc.

Rest your eyes for 15 minutes within every 2 hours of screen work. Move your eyes to focus on other objects which are nearer or farther from the screen you’re working on and blink repeatedly. Frequently blinking your eyes lowers the possibility of dry eyes by keeping the anterior or front part moist with a tear layer.

You may also follow the 20-20-20 rule; take a screen break after every 20 minutes of digital work, for a duration of 20 seconds, while looking 20 feet away.

Final Note

To lead a good quality life, you can’t ditch good eye care practices. If you experience computer vision syndrome symptoms, don’t leave them unattended for long or the condition may get serious with time. Get a comprehensive eye checkup from an eye specialist. Getting rid of computer vision syndrome isn’t much difficult if you follow the right corrective measures of
your eye doctor. To get the best-advanced eye care without any hassle, choose Centre For Sight, we have a smooth ecosystem which allows you to keep your eyes healthy. To book your consultation at Centre For Sight, visit

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