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Wed May 27 2020
Eye Care Tips For Avoiding Coronavirus During COVID-19

It is important to take care of your eyes in the times of the Covid-19 pandemic. Here are some tips for avoiding Coronavirus to get into you through eyes.

Mon May 04 2020
The Phenomenon of Eye Discharge and associated Eye Problems

When you wake up from deep sleep and feel there is a sticky substance in your eye, are you aware of where it emerges...

Thu Apr 16 2020
Best Eye Hospital in Hyderabad: Book an Appointment Today

We generally tend to ignore common symptoms of eye problems, thinking that they will wear off on their own. It turns out there are...

Wed Apr 08 2020
How to Take Care of Eyes Daily

Our eyes are what enable us to see the world every day. They help us in experiencing all colours of life and seeing every...

Tue Mar 31 2020
Get The Best Eye Care With The Top Ophthalmologists In Delhi

Don’t you agree on the fact that among all our five senses, our eyes are the ones on whom we rely the most? Our...

Wed Mar 25 2020
Easy Eye Yoga Exercises That Boost Your Vision Naturally

Do you know that the average person spends eight and a half hours or more in front of the computer screen? This states how...

Mon Mar 16 2020
Eye Disorders- Symptoms and Treatment

Eyes are very fragile part of our body when it comes to handling allergies, infections or diseases.Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to any symptoms that may be a cause of any major eye problems.

Thu Mar 12 2020
5 Ways to Protect Your Eyes from Pollution

The level of pollutants present in the air we breathe is alarming. Mostly, we consider these pollutants to be harmful to our skin, respiratory...

Mon Mar 09 2020
How Your Eyes Are At The Risk Of Coronavirus

The sudden spread of a virus that causes COVID-19 has sparked an alarm worldwide. The World Health Organization (WHO) describes coronaviruses (CoV) as a...

Thu Mar 05 2020
Things To Keep In Mind While Buying Prescription Glasses

Buying eyeglass can be a challenging task, all thanks to the unlimited styles present in the market that leave you confused more than ever....

Mon Mar 02 2020
Beat Convergence Insufficiency With These Easy Exercises

Convergence insufficiency (CI) is an eye condition in which both the eyes don’t move at the same time. This condition causes one or both...

Fri Feb 28 2020
5 Simple Exercises to Strengthen Weak Eye Muscles

Eye fatigue can be an amalgamation of different reasons affecting our lifestyle. One such example is that in modern days we get strained eyes...

Mon Feb 24 2020
6 tips for a 6/6 Vision

While many people succeed in implementing healthy changes in their lives, they tend to forget to take any constructive steps for the health of...

Thu Feb 13 2020
Eye Banks In Delhi: Donate Your Eyes To Light A Life

Eye donation is a noble act of donation one’s eye after his/her death. You can bring light to the lives of two people by...

Wed Feb 05 2020
Holi 2020: Your Guide To Complete Eye Care

Holi is around the corner. Are you ready to smear yourself in colour? Celebrating Holi is great fun. People go wild celebrating this festival....

Fri Jan 24 2020

Are you fed up of wearing spectacles and are searching for a better option? Well, bid farewell to those specs with SMILE. It stands...

Mon Jan 13 2020
Tear Gas: How Dangerous is it for your eyes?

Tear gases are chemical weapons that cause a stinging sensation in the eyes. In worse cases, they can lead to coughing up blood, collapsing,...

Mon Jan 06 2020
National Braille Literacy Month

For you and others who can read this piece of content, a sense of vision doesn’t sound anything different. Imagine someone who cannot see,...

Thu Jan 02 2020
Winter is here! And your child's eyes need special attention

With the temperature dropping outside, you could feel the effects of cold weather. Winters are going on, and in such harsh weather, self-care is...

Thu Dec 19 2019
Hygiene for Healthy Eyes

Henry David Thoreau once said, “The eye is the jewel of the body”. Indeed, the delicate eyes are crucial and have the power to...

Mon Dec 16 2019
Can Steroids Cause any Eye Problem?

Yes, there is a high possibility that consuming unrecommended steroids can lead to cataract formation. Steroids are corticosteroid drugs that include prednisone, glucocorticoid, cortisone,...

Fri Dec 13 2019
Do eyes get affected by the common cold?

Yes, eyes do get affected by the common cold. As winters arrive, problems like bad throat and blocked nose appear as a regular affair...

Mon Dec 09 2019
Things to keep in mind while looking for the best eye hospital in Delhi

As seasons and times change, health sometimes progresses and even deteriorates. There is no iota of doubt that the eye being a delicate part...

Thu Nov 07 2019
How to find the Right Ophthalmologist Near Me

Any kind of eye problem should never be taken lightly. As per medical experts, always seek help when you face eye pain, blurred vision...

Thu Oct 31 2019
How to Cure Computer Vision Syndrome?

Are you aware that a major part of the Indian population is struggling with Computer Vision Syndrome? Headache, eye strain, blurred vision, and dryness...

Fri Oct 11 2019
What a pellet does to the human eye?

In recent years, so many young men, women, and children have been hit by pellets in Kashmir. Blame it on the political vehemence or...

Wed Sep 11 2019
When is the Right Time to Consult an Eye Specialist?

‘You can tell everything from the eyes’ – Jeff Buckley Eyes express a gamut of emotions right from joy to sorrow. Also, they say...

Tue Jul 16 2019
Know more about how 3D Movies are affecting your Eyes

One of the primary reasons behind weak eyesight is constant exposure to screens, be it mobile phones, computers or the television. A lot of...

Tue Jul 16 2019
Nutrients that will optimize your eye health

It is a pretty well-known fact that what we eat significantly impacts the health of our vision and our eyes. A bad diet and...

Tue Jun 25 2019
What if your child receives a Corneal Abrasion?

A corneal abrasion can be defined as an injury to the cornea in your eye, usually a scratch or scrape. The cornea is the...

Wed Jun 19 2019
Why can LASIK be a better solution than contact lenses?

Refractive errors of the eye are one of the most common types of visual impairment in the world today. Myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), and...

Fri Jun 14 2019
What are the Symptoms and Causes of Macular Degeneration?

Rays of light enter the eye, and then the cornea bends them in such a manner that they focus on the retina, which is...

Wed May 29 2019
How Eye Donation Works in India

According to statistics, India is home to one-fourth of the global blind population, and seventy per cent of all visual impairment cases are preventable,...

Tue May 28 2019
5 Tips To Keep Your Vision Sharp

An individual’s vision is one of the most sensitive and vital senses that they possess. It is essential to keep your eyes healthy, protected...

Mon May 27 2019
How Blood Pressure is Related to Your Eyes?

The pressure exerted by blood against the walls of our blood vessels is known as blood pressure. Higher than usual blood pressure can lead...

Sat May 25 2019
Can LASIK fix Astigmatism?

The LASIK procedure is one of the most common eye surgeries to treat blurred vision due to myopia and hypermetropia. While treating short-sightedness and...

Fri May 24 2019
How Alcohol Affects Our Eyes

Even though alcohol is legal to drink for people over the legal drinking age in India, drinking more than a moderate amount of alcohol...

Tue Apr 30 2019
Is Your Make-Up Affecting Your Eyes?

Like many of the foreign objects that come in contact with our body, make-up also sometimes harms us. The proper application and removal of...

Wed Apr 10 2019
Can summer air affect your eyes?

The environment that we live in affects our health in various direct and indirect ways. The change in the immediate environment often becomes the...

Wed Apr 03 2019
5 Simple Eye Exercises to Keep your Eyes Relaxed

Did you know that our eyes are responsible for 80 per cent of our perception? We tend to take our vision for granted and...

Wed Mar 27 2019
What causes Bloodshot Eyes and How to Treat Red Eyes?

Red Eyes has become a common eye condition these days as a byproduct of urban lifestyle and environment. It is coming across as a...

Wed Mar 27 2019
Find Out the Correlation between Headache and Eye Problems

Eyes are known as an extension of the brain. These two parts are connected by the optic nerve, a wire-like grouping of nerves, that...

Mon Feb 18 2019
Protect your eyes against home hazards

People wear safety glasses at work while playing sports but the same people don’t think about eye safety at home when cooking, cleaning the...

Fri Feb 01 2019
Want to get rid of the Eye Discharge?

Do you know the gunk that you have crusted from the corners of your eyes when you wake up in the morning? It’s normal,...

Thu Jan 10 2019
Want to improve your vision naturally, here’s what you should know!

Do you wish you could see better? There are a handful of behaviors and routines that can keep your eyes healthy so to maintain...

Thu Jan 10 2019
Have a look at our guide of how your age is related to your eye diseases!

Sometimes age brings changes that weaken your vision and eyes, but there are things you can do to maintain lifelong eye and your health....

Thu Jan 10 2019
Is an online Eye Test being better or not?

Now a days most convenient way to check your vision or get an eyeglass prescription is an option of online eye test but beware,...

Wed Jan 02 2019
How to keep your eye's protected this winter?

Are you planning a ski trip up north for your holidays, winter can be a challenge if you suffer from dry eyes? Eye irritation,...

Mon Nov 05 2018
Break Up Before It's Too Late (Breaking up with various unhealthy lifestyle)

Every day with new inventions bring in more comfort. But with the comfort lifestyle it brings its own share of problems. Our eyes are...

Mon Nov 05 2018
For Healthy Eye Don't Binge Watch & Chill

With so much going on, our body usually succumbs to the pressure and anxiety raising various eye health concerns. Hence, it is really important...

Mon Nov 05 2018
Post-Diwali Pollution: Eye Care Tips

Seeing is believing and what you see these days is no trash. You will be surprised as you run your eyes through your surroundings,...

Mon Oct 22 2018
Winter is Coming and so is the problem of Dry Eyes

It is common to refer to winter as its the cold weather time of year, the air is really dry during the winter, which...

Mon Oct 22 2018
How to keep your Eyes Healthy this Festive Season?

Diwali the festival of lights, happiness and togetherness, where everyone prays for prosperity and the well-being of their loved ones. But often the moment...

Thu Oct 18 2018
Eye Care Everywhere - World Sight Day 2018

Today, the world is populated by hundreds of millions of people who are unnecessarily blind or visually impaired from causes that are treatable or...

Thu Oct 18 2018
This Dusshera Pledge to bring Light in the lives of those in darkness

The harmony of different cultures and customs in India is best experienced during Navratri and Dussehra celebrations that take place in every state. Since...

Tue Sep 11 2018
Best Foods for Eye Health

Are you searching for the best food for eye health that improves your overall vision? You are in the right place. There are several...

Tue Sep 11 2018
Even Great Vision Needs Eye Exam

Do you think that since you have perfect vision, there’s no need to have regular check-ups with an eye doctor? Think again….. you could...

Tue Sep 11 2018
Exercise benefits your eyes

Many people think that doing exercise is to build strength, stay fit, and feel good. Staying active is crucial to maintain overall health, which...

Tue Sep 11 2018
Importance of Eye Dilation during Eye Checkup

Regular eye exams are crucial for your health. Treating vision problems properly can improve your quality of life in different ways, from reducing headaches...

Tue Sep 04 2018
10 Myths about Eye Donation

Not everyone is blessed and fortunate to see this world. Among us there are many who don’t know that how this world around them...

Tue Sep 04 2018
Eye exercise while working on Laptop

Staring continuously on the computer during a long work day can put immense strain on your eyes. An increase in visual demands,poor lighting, and...

Tue Sep 04 2018
Importance of Eye Donation

Ever played the blind man’s buff game, then you must probably know exactly how it feels to be unable to see. Unfortunately, some people...

Tue Sep 04 2018
Know About Lazy Eyes

Do you know what is a “Lazy Eye”? Lazy eye is the one that does not take part fully in the seeing process. The...

Wed Aug 08 2018
Are you eligible to donate eyes?

“The eye is the window to the world, at the same time it is the window of the soul” – Shakespeare. There are these...

Fri Aug 03 2018
Light up a life

From every pair of donated eyes two blind people gets vision and light in their life. Donating eyes is totally an act of charity...

Fri Aug 03 2018
Simple Guide to Natural Eye-care

Taking care of the eyes is the most important thing to do for our bodies. Don’t give your eyes harsh treatment but treat them...

Tue Jul 17 2018
Eye Allergies Symptoms in Monsoon

Splash in the rain and get rid of extreme hot summers by enjoying ocean full of happiness and joy. But does your eyes look...

Tue Jul 17 2018
Eye Care Tips for Monsoon

Monsoon do brings welcome relief from the scorching heat but it brings with it various bacteria and viral infection too. The whole experience is...

Tue Jul 17 2018
Monsoon's Diet Plan for Healthy Vision

Rain is a pleasant experience so don’t spoil it by non-desirable vision problems. Monsoon brings an army of infections that cause pain and discomfort,...

Mon Jun 25 2018
Benefits of Night Vision Glasses

It often gets difficult for human eyes to adjust in a dark surrounding. For an instance, one the most difficult activity for our eyes...

Mon Jun 25 2018
How to improve hand-eye coordination?

There can be a number of reasons causing trouble in hand-eye coordination. Nonetheless, the two most commonly diagnosed causes of predicament in hand-eye coordination...

Mon Jun 25 2018
Tips to protect your eyes during Swimming

In the season of scorching summer heat, swimming looks like the most pleasing activity. It can help you rejuvenate and refresh your senses. However,...

Mon Jun 25 2018
Tips to protect your eyes from Conjunctivitis

Season of allergies and infections without giving the door invitation. Moreover, in case of our eyes, problems like conjunctivitis can be extremely common to...

Tue May 29 2018
Say No To Reading Glasses

PRESBYOPIA – a medical eye condition under which your eye loses the ability to adjust its focus to nearer objects from distant objects. The...

Wed May 23 2018
What Is The Impact Of 3D Entertainment On Your Eyes?

The love for a 3D screening of movies, sitcoms, and games is ever more at peak. Primarily, 3D films aim at imitating our regular...

Wed May 23 2018
Cameras v/s the Human Eye

Often, the lens of the human eye and its functioning to create images on a screen is compared with that of a camera. Did...

Wed May 23 2018
Do You Enjoy Outdoor Sports? Here are 5 Eye Care Tips for You.

Do You Enjoy Outdoor Sports? Here are 5 Eye Care Tips for You Summers are here and so, is the season of sports. Do...

Thu Apr 19 2018
Makeup Tips for Healthy Eyes

There’s no doubt that for women, eye makeup products are one of the best things that exist. However, irresponsible use of anything can be...

Thu Apr 19 2018
Smoking and Its Impact on Eye Health

Smoking causes cancer. It is possibly the most popular precautionary advice/ warning a smoker receives. However, Smoking does a lot more harm to a...

Thu Apr 19 2018
The Season of Allergies is Back: Tips to Reduce

The beauty of the spring season is often adulterated when we have to deal with various allergies that occur during this season. However, in...

Tue Apr 03 2018
Your Summer Diet Chart for Healthy Vision

The summer season is here and everyone is focussed on healthy eating for our body. One focuses on eating fruits and vegetables that make...

Tue Apr 03 2018
Eye Care Tips For Your Pets

Most of the pets are born with healthy eyes. They develop certain eye disorders and infections due to a growing age or genetic conditions....

Mon Mar 19 2018
Your Guide To Take Care Of Your Eyes In Summers

By staying active towards eye care during the hot summer months, you can minimize the risks of getting an eye infection or other eye...

Mon Mar 19 2018
Financial Year Closing & Eye Stress! Here Are Few Tips to Keep Your Eyes Healthy

Take A Break From Your Screen If you spend a lot of time at the computer, then it’s time to shift your focus and...

Mon Mar 19 2018
Simple Eye Exercises to Relieve Computer Eye Strain & Stress

Just like your body needs rest, your eyes need rest too. Today, a majority of the people have jobs that require working on &...

Mon Mar 12 2018
10 Ways to Keep Your Eyes Healthy at Workplace

10 Ways to Keep Your Eyes Healthy at Workplace. Like take a 20 sec. break, Blink more, Use Prescription eye wear, Adjust monitor brightness, Ensure proper lighting, Adjust the screen resolution, correctly position your monitor, Minimize glare, Massage your eyes, Vitamins intake.

Thu Mar 01 2018
Is Your Eye Makeup Affecting Your Vision?

A lot of women and girls naturally consider Eye Makeup a blessing. The fact that eye makeup is capable of enhancing a woman’s features...

Thu Mar 01 2018
Things You Should Do To Protect Our Eyes During Holi

With the fun-filled occasion of Holi being around the corner, we can already witness the streets of India filling up with joy. The fact...

Wed Feb 21 2018
Why Is Sleep Important For Your Eyes?

Sleep deprivation is a phenomenon which poses numerous disadvantages to your health. Talking in accordance with eye health, loosing onto sleep after an extensive...

Wed Feb 21 2018
Exam Stress? Five Exercises to Keep Your Eyes Relaxed During Preparations

Exam time is around the corner and stress is expected to hang high on the head of every student. During preparation time, fatigue for...

Tue Jan 02 2018
5 Ways to take care of your Eyes this winter

With the occasion of Christmas and New Year around the corner, the winter season is at its peak. Along with the epitome of celebrations...

Tue Jan 02 2018
This Christmas, Be Someone's Santa

Christmas is the most soulful occasion for sharing love and concern. The true essence of love lies in going an extra mile to give...

Fri Nov 17 2017
Why Do Animals Eye Glow In Dark?

The eyes are the most sensitive and smallest sensory organ in the body of a living organism. However, it is also the most complex...

Tue Nov 14 2017
An Eye Tattoo Can Cost You Your Vision

An Eye tattoo! Yes, you read it right. For some readers, this idea can be too alien and unacceptable. However, there is an entire...

Mon Oct 23 2017
Seven Unhealthy Habits You Must Avoid To Keep Your Eyes Healthy

Our eyes are the most sensitive sensory organs. Knowingly or unknowingly, we cause a great damage to our eyes, every day, both inside and...

Fri Oct 13 2017
What To Do In Case Of An Eye Accident While Burning Crackers?

The days of Diwali celebration are around the corner and everybody is enthralled with the idea of lights, sweets, and fireworks. Nonetheless, amidst of...

Fri Oct 13 2017
Five Ways To Keep Your Eyes Safe This Diwali

In India, Diwali is not just a festival, it’s an entire season of extravagant celebration of prosperity and happiness. From children to the eldest...

Tue Sep 26 2017
While you enjoy Dusshera, many sit in the dark. Pledge to donate your eyes and Light a Life!

The season of festivals is around the corner. For the next few months, every day would bring a charismatic moment of celebration to life....

Wed Sep 13 2017

In some professions, dealing with contact lenses and eyeglasses can cause an adverse effect on both our performance and the health of our eyes....

Thu Aug 03 2017
What Really Happens When You Sleep In Your Contact Lenses?

o you dislike wearing spectacles or your reading glasses? If yes, then we believe that you alternatively wear contact lenses for corrective vision. If...

Thu Aug 03 2017
Why do we cry?

Ever wonder why water comes out of our eyes when we are sad or tired or frustrated? Turns out that crying is one of...

Thu Aug 03 2017
Have You Ever Thought What Happens To Your Eyes During Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a hyper-attentive state of our sub-conscious mind. Under hypnosis, our attention and awareness of the external world is reduced. The state of...

Thu Aug 03 2017
Monsoons Are Here And So Are Eye Problems. Here Are 7 Tips You Need To Follow This Monsoon For Healthy Eyes

The onset of monsoon is always cherished because it brings relief from the scorching sun and the terrible heat. Enjoying the rain and getting...

Thu Aug 03 2017
Surprising Animal Vision Facts

Did you know? Animals see the world very differently than we do. Let’s check out some interesting facts about how animal vision differs from...

Wed Jul 05 2017
Don't Let Your Eyes Reveal Your Age

The passage of life’s year affects every individual’s health and medical conditions. From greying of hair to weakening of toes and knees, ageing brings...

Wed Jul 05 2017
Exercise you should start doing for Healthy Eyes.

Do you often experience the trouble of tired eyes? The sensation of burning, itchiness, and pain in the eye is a result of eye...

Wed May 31 2017
Five Problems Only People Wearing Contact Lenses Can Understand

The weakening of vision leads to various painstaking adaptations in everyday life. It is simply impossible to read without stressing your eyes or just...

Wed May 31 2017
Five Problems Only People Wearing Glasses Can Understand

The most prominent measure used to correct the problem of eye weakness is a pair of spectacles. Use of corrective eyeglasses helps to regain...

Mon May 01 2017
5 Facts You Should Know About Eye Cancer

The word cancer is devilish in itself. Moreover, when it affects one of the most sensitive organs, it gets even worse. In India, Eye...

Mon May 01 2017
5 Things You Should Include In Your Daily Diet for Healthy Eyes in summers

In summers, it is a great task to stay healthy, hydrated and refreshed. However, even bigger is the task to ensure the health of...

Mon May 01 2017
7 Tips for Summer Eye Care

Summers and the scorching sun are nothing less than a deadly combination of fun and misery. Summers in India are always extreme. Nonetheless, we...

Mon May 01 2017
Five Myths about Eyes You Need To Stop Believing

Not everything we believe in is always a fact. For ages, we have been told about various potentially true beliefs about our eyes, by...

Fri Mar 31 2017
Save Your Sight By Acting At The Right Time.

How often do we ignore the effort we need to put to read a sign board located far off? Or the struggle of being...

Fri Mar 31 2017
Smoking is injurious to Eyes. Quit Smoking.

For years we have been listening to and ignoring the fact that “Smoking is Injurious to Health.” Smoking is popularly known to associate with...

Tue Feb 28 2017
You must include these in your diet for perfect eyesight

After a day-long routine of uninterrupted tedious activities for your eyes, are you doing enough to take care of your eyesight? If not, its...

Tue Feb 28 2017
5 Simple Exercises to Prevent Computer Vision Syndrome

As the name suggests, Computer Vision Syndrome classifies all the eye problems caused due to excessive use of electronic devices like computers, laptops, cell...

Thu Feb 02 2017
7 Ways to Improve Your Eyesight While Driving

One prominent issue that people with weak vision have to face is the struggle of driving past sunset. If you are one of those...

Mon Dec 12 2016
Everything You Should Know About Bifocals

Getting through your eyeglass prescription can be a daunting task, especially if you are unaware of prescription glass details. Going for the eye exam...

Mon Dec 12 2016
How to protect your eyes from SMOG

We have been hearing the news of how bad conditions have become in the capital city as it succumbs to hazardous smog. Due to...

Thu Oct 27 2016
Winter Is Coming - 7 Eye Care Tips for the winter

As temperatures start to dip in winters, your main focus is on the fact of how to keep your body warm. Though we think...

Thu Oct 27 2016
Decorative Lenses Can Cost You Your Vision

The working of contact lenses is pretty much same as of glasses. They focus light on the retina to correct your vision. The dissimilarity...

Thu Oct 27 2016
Perfect Diwali Gift for Your Parents and Grand Parents

It’s less than a month to the festival of lights and what better gift can we give to our grandparents or parents than a...

Mon Oct 03 2016
Facts and FAQs about Eye Donation

With its large population, India is known for contributing to the largest portion of global blindness. According to the Eye Bank Association of India...

Mon Oct 03 2016
Guidelines for Choosing the Right Pair of Sun Glasses

Your skin isn’t the only body part that can be harmed by ultraviolet rays. Sunlight, specifically ultraviolet (UV) radiation, has been linked to several...

Thu Sep 08 2016
5 Things to remember when you wear Contact Lenses

Contact lenses nowadays are the most convenient way to correct your vision but most of its users are not aware of their safe use....

Thu Sep 08 2016
An Eye-for-an-Eye will eradicate blindness

There are numerous factors leading to blindness but one such condition is treatable. This condition is called corneal blindness and is regarded as one of the...

Wed Aug 03 2016
What do your Eye Colours say about you?

Everyone is different and so is their eye colour. But who decides what colour you would acquire on birth? Answer might not be that...

Wed Aug 03 2016
10 Things You Must Take in Your Diet to Keep Your Eyes Healthy

To have a great vision is everything. But unfortunately, many people suffer from poor eyesight, distorted vision, or have difficulty seeing objects close up or...

Thu Jul 07 2016
10 facts behind the darkness

Blindness, the most severe form of visual impairment, reduces people’s ability to perform everyday tasks and affects their quality of life.Have a look at...

Tue Jun 07 2016
What Technology brings to Future of Eye Care

Ten to Fifteen years ago the tools available for diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases were very different from the ones which are present...

Mon May 30 2016
Running is not only advantageous for health of heart, it benefits Eyesight as well

The importance of physical fitness is taught to us from an early age. Working out regularly and staying active, benefits each part of our body,...

Tue May 24 2016
5 Warning Signs that shows Eyesight is declining

  Eyes arenot exempt from the wear and tear of aging. Eyesight tends to deteriorate more gradually than suddenly. In fact, the warning signs...

Tue May 24 2016
Eye-Care Tips for Your Workplace

Job environments can be of different types, might be behind the work area or perhaps behind the wheel, but one common thing which requires...

Sat Apr 30 2016
How to not lose vision to Diabetes

  Diabetes mellitus (DM), simply referred to as diabetes, is a cluster of diseases upsetting the body metabolism resulting in high blood sugar levels...

Tue Apr 12 2016
Preparing Your Child’s Eyes for Sunshine and Summertime

  The time of ice creams, beaches, and summer fun is here. Amid the warm summer months, a great many families can be found...

Mon Mar 21 2016
Gender Vision Differences: Men and Women don’t see Eye To Eye

  According to a conducted study, it is a fact that the way women and men see things are quite different. Researchers from Brooklyn...

Thu Mar 17 2016
Good Grades should not come at the cost of Deteriorated Vision

  A good education is an important part in helping children prepare for future and an important part of student’s academic life comprises of...

Thu Mar 17 2016
Pollutants in Air: How to Protect your Eyes from Harm

Air pollution refers to the mix of harmful particles, gases, and elements in the air that can reach high levels of concentration, both indoors...

Mon Feb 22 2016
Beauty is forever, Beauty Products are not: Expiration Date on your Eye Products

  Just about everything has an expiration date on it if it’s consumable, right? Cosmetics have a time such limit, considering we put those...

Fri Feb 19 2016
Spring has sprung. 5 Tips to prepare for Allergy Season

  Seasonal allergies happen only at certain times of the year, usually early spring through summer and into autumn. Main reason for them to occur...

Tue Feb 16 2016
Books or E-Readers? Which are better for your eyes?

  Reading is a good habit by all sorts but the way you’re reading also has an impact on your physical and mental health....

Thu Jan 21 2016
Natural Remedies to Save your Eyes from Pollution

Pollution is one such evil in our lives that is not only ruining parts of the earth with each passing day, but it is...

Thu Dec 17 2015
What to do When You Have an Eye Injury?

  An eye emergency occurs any time you have a foreign object or chemical in your eye, or when an injury or burn affects...

Thu Dec 17 2015
Things Women Must Know About Eye Care

  Eye problems in women are becoming uncontrolled day by day. It is because of the reason that a woman’s body goes through many...

Sat Dec 12 2015
How Pregnancy Affects Vision?

Most expecting mothers are aware of the fact that they may have morning sickness or back pain. But many pregnant women are surprised when their eyesight changes. The fact is that the hormonal and physical changes which accompany pregnancy can affect vision.

Wed Nov 18 2015
Tips for Maintaining Good Eye Health

The eyes are the windows to the soul and having the gift of sight is something everyone should cherish. However, with the increase in pollution, prolonged working in front of computers and other such factors lead to vision problems and other eye diseases.

Mon Nov 09 2015
Get Ready for Examinations

Incessant cups of tea and coffee, numerous all-nighters, never- ending queues at the photocopier are some of the signs of the upcoming end of semester and examinations.

Mon Nov 09 2015
Is your Baby’s Eyesight Developing Normally?

Monitoring your baby’s overall development is not only important but also an extremely fun and fulfilling experience. From the first word to the first step, every small detail brings happiness and a sense of deep satisfaction to the parents.

Tue Oct 27 2015
7 Things You're Doing at Your Desk That Will Give You Eye Strain

Dont wear glasses with an old prescription.For maximum comfort, ask your doctor about custom computer eyeglasses.

Tue Oct 27 2015
Herbs For The Eyes

The eyes are among the most crucial and sensitive organs of the body. They may potentially encounter numerous problems, from minor symptoms such as mild irritation and redness to serious diseases that could even result in total loss of vision.

Tue Oct 27 2015
Nutrition for Your Eyes

Good nutrition fuels your body, contributes to healthy eyes and can even influence how your mind functions.

Wed Sep 09 2015
9 Eye Makeup Safety Tips That You Must Follow Always

We all love to get dressed and primped up in our daily lives. But, it comes with a price as we have to keep certain things in mind to avoid skin infections and breakouts.

Wed Sep 09 2015
Eye Donation Facts and Myths

What you leave behind is not engraved in stone monuments, but what affects the lives of others. This can be exemplified best with the...

Sat Sep 05 2015
SEVEN differences you can bring in the life of a blind

  There are more than 12 million blind people in India out of which 4 million are corneally blind. If we look at the...

Mon Aug 24 2015
Computer Vision Syndrome

Nowadays nearly everyone has to spend a lot of time in front of a computer which can strain eyes as well as other parts of the body. Talking about eyes, Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) can affect anyone sitting in front of the computer screen for prolonged hours, whether at home or at work.

Mon Aug 24 2015
Eye Care during Monsoons

While the Monsoons bring the much needed relief from all the sweaty heat, they also bring along a host of problems such as allergies, infections and indigestion.

Mon Jul 06 2015
Choosing the right Sunglasses

With the amount of benefits they serve, Sunglasses are no longer just a fashion accessory. They are important for protection of your eyes against the damaging rays of the sun. They can be used to improve your vision and at the same time make a unique fashion statement.

Mon Jul 06 2015
Common Symptoms of Eye allergies

Miseries of allergies are faced by millions of people all over the world, with allergic reactions involving the eyes being a common complaint. A reaction that affects the conjunctiva, a clear layer of skin overlying the eyes, is commonly referred to as allergic conjunctivitis. It is a common condition that occurs when the eyes react to allergen which creates irritation.

Mon Jul 06 2015
Eye-Care in Summers

Squint is a misalignment of the two eyes. In this condition, both the eyes do not look in the same direction at the same time. Squints are common and affect around one in 20 children. They usually develop before five years of age, but can appear later too.

Thu Jun 04 2015
Common Eye allergies

Miseries of allergies are faced by millions of people all over the world, with allergic reactions involving the eyes being a common complaint.

Mon May 11 2015
Choosing the right Sunglasses

With the amount of benefits it serves, Sunglasses are no longer just a fashion accessory. They are an important protection for your eyes against the damaging rays of the sun.

Mon May 11 2015
Eye-Care in summers

With summers come the scorching sun and its relentless heat, both of which do no good to you. Summer brings with it, its own share of problems.

Mon Mar 23 2015
Women’s Day Special – Women’s Eye Care

When the world is celebratingwomen’s day as the appreciation of their contribution in our lives, it is important to understand the importance one woman should put into their health, especially the eye care.

Wed Feb 25 2015
Catch your breath: Here's why you shouldn't choke on polluted air

This is as shocking as it gets. A joint study by researchers at Chicago, Yale and Harvard universities suggests that high particulate matter (PM) pollution causes life expectancy to fall by 3.2 years for 660 million Indians in polluted urban conglomerates, including capital Delhi.

Sat Nov 22 2014
Blindness in India

The condition of poor visual perception is commonly defined as blindness.

Sat Nov 22 2014
Nutrition for Healthy Eyesight

In this era of fast working life, we require equally supplementary food intake to fulfill the needs of the body, to keep it running and healthy.

Sat May 17 2014
Awareness programmes on retinoblastoma

Centre for Sight (CFS) Eye Hospital, Hyderabad is organising awareness programmes between May 11 and 17 on retinoblastoma, the commonly occurring eye cancer in children, said its director and ocular oncologist Santosh G. Honaver, in a press release here on Monday.

Sat May 17 2014
India has highest number of Retinoblastoma effected children: CFS

Centre for Sight (CFS) Medical Services Director Dr Santosh G Honavar today underlined that India has the highest number of Retinoblastoma (Rb) affected children in the world, with about 1500 new cases reported each year.

Thu May 15 2014
Summer Eye Care

Summers can indeed wreck havoc with your eyes. " The increased temperature and pollution can make one vulnerable to eye allergies, resulting in itching, redness, and burning sensations.

Wed May 14 2014
1,500 new cases of RB detected in this year

India has the highest number of Retinoblastoma (Rb) affected children in the world, with about 1500 new cases reported each year, informed Dr. Santosh G. Honavar, while addressing a press conference here on the occasion of World Retinoblastoma Awareness Week.

Sun May 11 2014
World Retinoblastoma Awareness Week

India has the highest number of Retinoblastoma (Rb) affected children in the world, with about 1500 new cases reported each year informed Dr. Santosh G. Honavar, while addressing a press conference here in city on the occasion of World Retinoblastoma Awareness Week.

Tue Apr 29 2014
Eyeing summer with care

While you have welcomed the summer by slathering on the sunscreen and pulling out the best of the summer wear, a major safety measure still reckons you - eye care.

Mon Apr 28 2014
Get Rid of Computer Eye Strain

Do you spend more than 2 hours in a day working on a computer? Do your eyes feel tired in the evening after working on a computer screen? Do you occasionally suffer from blurred vision or stiff neck and shoulder pains?

Mon Apr 14 2014
Eye Care in Spring Season – Don’t let eye allergies spring an unpleasant surprise

Spring – the beautiful season of flowers. But for many, it is also a season of allergies. If you also suffer from running nose, sneezing and redness of eyes then don’t take it casually.

Sun Apr 13 2014
Tips for Selecting Glasses or Contacts for Children

Choosing an appropriate spectacle or contacts for children can be a tedious task. Here is a list of useful tips for selecting glasses or contacts for children.

Fri Apr 11 2014
Protecting your child's eyes and vision

There is an old adage that talks about seeing the world through a child’s eyes. However, as a parent you must ensure that you are taking time out of your busy schedule to keep your child's eyes healthy and so that the children have clear vision, from birth onwards.

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