Ocular Surface & Dry Eyes Treatment

What are ocular surface disorders?

The ocular surface is a vital part of the human eye. It consists of the cornea, conjunctiva with elements like lacrimal drainage apparatus, lacrimal gland,
and associated structures of the eyelid. Ocular surface disorders refer to the multifactorial diseases or conditions that occur on the cornea.
If not treated on time, ocular surface disorders can result in vision loss

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Centre for Sight offers for ocular surface disorders & dry eye treatment

Eye Dryness Treatment?

Comprehensive treatment for ocular surface disorders and dry eyes disorders

Dry eye treatment (eye dryness treatment) and services for the related conditions from our highly-skilled team of surgeons.

We specialise in dry eyes surgery and reconstruction of the ocular surface

Cutting-edge diagnostic testing and procedure-based treatments

Well-equipped for procedures like Intense Pulse Light Therapy

Symptoms of ocular surface disorders

Visual disturbances

Instability of tear film

Inflammation, pain, and redness in the eyes

Ocular discomfort

The sensation of some foreign body inside the eyes

Photophobia (Light Sensitivity)

Itchy, irritated red eyes

Common types of ocular surface disorders are

Dry eyes


Sjogren’s syndrome


Dry Eyes Treatment (Eye Dryness Treatment) at Centre for Sight

What is the cause of dry eye disorder?


Dry eye disorder is caused by a lack of lubrication and moisture on the surface of the eyes. It leads to many other problems like irritation and sometimes even scarring of eyes.
Other causes of dry eyes disorder include:

  • Side effects of medications
  • Some underlying eye conditions like diabetes or an immune system disorder
  • Specific environments where our eyes are exposed to dust, smoke or other harmful pollutants
  • Eye surgery
  • Prolonged use of contact lenses
  • Digital eye strain

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With our vast experience in treating ocular surface disorders, we are equipped with ultra-modern technology and personalized treatment for every patient.
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Diagnosis For Dry Eyes Disorder (eye dryness treatment)

Dry eye treatment (eye dryness treatment) depends on the symptoms the patient faces. We do several tests to measure tear production, special dyes to check the inner part of the eyes, a complete checkup of the tear film to diagnose the condition.

  • Comprehensive eye examination

We are equipped with ocular surface analyser (OSA) that provides complex tear film analysis.

OSA is an excellent instrument that gives a detailed assessment of the ocular surface and analyses an individuals tear film. OSA enables in identifying the type of dry eye disorder and exactly which layer should be diagnosed first based on the type of deficiency.

OSA provides with complex examinations like:

Meibography imaging

Blepharitis imaging

Non Invasive Break up Time

Demodex imaging

Tear Meniscus Height

Lipid Layer evaluation

Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD) is the most common cause of dry eyes. The sensitive infrared camera of the ocular surface analyzer (OSA) uses /images to check the morphological changes of the tissues inside the eyes, like:

  • Assess the distribution of the Meibomian glands in the lower and upper eyelids
  • Areas with or without altered glands
  • Detects the presence or absence of areas of different colours
  • Checks for the areas with normal glands

Artificial tear lubricating eye drops

Specialists prescribe the artificial tear lubricating eye drops for mild to moderate cases of dry eyes. Sometimes, artificial tear drops may alone work for the patient as part of dry eye treatment (eye dryness treatment). These drops provide eyes with enough lubrication to avoid dryness. If you wear contact lenses, then, remember to take them off before putting artificial tear lubricating drops. Wait for some time (at least twenty minutes) before reinserting contact lenses.

Nutritional supplement for dry eyes treatment/ eye dryness treatment

After checking all the symptoms and results of the tests, our eye specialists may prescribe you with additional nutritional supplements. These supplements are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids and help a lot in lessening dry eyes symptoms.

Surgical management for dry eyes treatment (eye dryness treatment)

Punctal plugs

As part of dry eye syndrome treatment, some severe cases of this eye condition require punctal plugs. A punctal plug is a small, biocompatible device that is inserted in the tear duct to block drainage and prevent tears from draining rapidly. These biocompatible are either temporary or permanent silicone plugs.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Therapy At Centre for Sight

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Therapy is a safe and effective treatment modality, designed to address Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD), the root cause of evaporative dry eye.

Our tear film is made up of water, lipids(fats/oils), electrolytes(salts) and mucin. Meibomian glands produce meibum (lipid component), responsible for uniformly coating the ocular surface and stabilizing the tear film, hence preventing it from evaporating.
In patients with MGD, Meibomian glands get clogged with altered fats/oils resulting in destabilization and evaporation of the tear film which lead to Dry Eye.

How do (Intense Pulsed Light) IPL works?

During the IPL procedure, your skin around the eyes is cleaned. Then your eyes are covered with goggles to protect them from the intense light of the device. A gel is applied to the skin over which the flashes of lights are applied.

Surgeons bring into use a handheld device that targets multiple wavelengths of light onto the affected skin area. The light emitted by intense pulsed light instruments heats cells in the skin, slowly breaking them down.

Then, the light allows the body to remove the damaged tissue naturally. Depending upon the case, the Meibomian glands are expressed to help release/secrete any blockages.

For optimum results, patients require three treatments, typically a month apart. The process is relatively quick and usually takes 5 minutes per session. But some patients may need even more months. IPL treatment is not for everyone and can have some side-effects.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How fasting causes dry eyes?

During the phase of consistent fasting, our intake of a nutrient-rich diet decreases in quantity. Therefore, the lack of nutrients that are required by our body to ensure an active functioning of eye muscles and tear glands is the cause of dry eyes. As per medical researchers, the functioning of certain fluids of our body gets altered during the fasting period. In the same context, the components of the tear protein film undergo specific changes. The protein pattern of the tear film alters. Hence, it results in the depletion of the moist layer and causes dry eyes.

What are some simple tips for managing dry eye disorder?

You can do your bit for dry eye syndrome treatment by following common tips:
● Stay clear of the environment that may induce dry eyes. Avoid areas which might be abundant in dust, smoke, or wind.
● Use eye drops or ointments to ensure that your eyes stay lubricated.
See your doctor if severe symptoms of dry eyes show up. Some of the serious symptoms include:
❖ Pain is more than mild irritation.
❖ Dry mouth
❖ Joint pain, stiffness or swelling
❖ Continued dryness even after taking preventive steps and precautions
Centre for Sight provides one of the best treatments for dry eyes and other ocular disorders.

What are some home remedies to cure dry eyes?

  • Blink frequently
    People tend to blink much less while working on a computer, digital display
    devices, etc. The decreased rate of aggravates mild dry eye symptoms. Make sure
    to perform a full blink in a way that you squeeze your eyelids together. This
    action spreads a fresh layer of tears over your eyes.
  • Remove eye makeup thoroughly
    Eyeliner, kohl, eye shadows, etc. clog the skin and meibomian glands under the
    eyelashes. Be diligent about removing every bit of makeup from lashes, eyelids,
    and nearby areas before going to bed.
  • Following eye care routine
    It is essential to follow an eye care routine to keep eyes hydrated. Apply moist
    washcloth for at least three minutes to close eyelids. Gently wash them with a
    mild cleanser and moisturizer with eye care cream. You can also put warm
    compresses of cotton on your eyes to relax them.
  • Wear quality sunglasses
    Wind, dust, and other irritants in the air can worsen dry eye symptoms. Thats
    why it becomes vital to choose quality sunglasses while stepping outside. It
    would be best if you go for a wrap-style frame as it not only covers your eyes but
    gives full protection to the nearby areas too.
  • Medicine adjustment
    Several medicines can acutely cause dry eyes or worsen mild dry eye symptoms.
    Antidepressants, medicines for controlling blood pressure, etc. can exacerbate
    the situation. Consult with your doctor and adjust the medication.

What is blepharitis?

Blepharitis is a multifactorial disease. It is often caused by eyelash mites, clogged oil glands in the eyelids, dandruff in the scalp and eyebrows, and allergy due to makeup.

Am I at the risk of developing blepharitis?

Children and adults both are susceptible to this ocular disorder.

What steps can I take to treat blepharitis at home?

Blepharitis is an ocular eye disorder. Hence, warm compresses and washing the eyelids can help in treating the condition as a home remedy. Follow your doctors advice before taking any antibiotics to prevent inflammation and infection.

What is Sjogren’s syndrome?

Sjogren’s syndrome is a rare autoimmune disorder that results in low or hyperimmune activity. A person suffering from this syndrome will always complain about the dryness of the mouth and eyes.

How can Sjogren’s syndrome be cured or managed?

Artificial tears to lubricate the eyes is often understood as the standard way to treat this ocular disorder. Wrap around a pair of glasses is also considered as an option to prevent eyes from an external stimulant.

What is rosacea?

Rosacea is a skin condition that is characterised by tiny, red, pus-filled bumps on the skin. This condition often causes soreness and burning in the eyes.

What are the risk factors associated with rosacea?

Rosacea usually affects people who are more than thirty years of age. This is a condition that is mostly seen in people with fair skin. This can also be hereditary.

How to curb dry eyes in winters?

With your doctors recommendation, you can do the following things:
● If you use contact lenses, it’s essential to be extra cautious in the winter.
❖ Make use of rewetting drops as often as you can.
❖ Lenses are like sponges and are required to remain hydrated to maintain their shape, so keep them lubricated.
● You can shield your eyes from elements by putting on a hat with a brim and wearing sunglasses.
● Even before when you step outdoors, you should prevent dryness by using a humidifier.

What are the kinds of dry eye surgery available?

Dry eye surgery is seen as a rare treatment for this eye condition. However, there are different types of dry eye surgery that might involve blocking or closing tear ducts. Dry eye surgery can also be done to adjust the lower eyelid of the patient, so it does not lose. One of the treatment options is inserting punctal plugs in the patients tear ducts. The other type of surgery are:

● Thermal cautery Thermal cautery is seen as a measure to combat dry eyes when punctal plugs fail to suit the patient. During this kind of dry eye surgery, the surgeon uses a heated wire to shrink tissues around tear ducts. This permanently closes the duct and does not let tears drain, allowing them to be retained on the surface longer.

● Salivary gland transplantation Salivary gland transplantation is a type of dry eye surgery when your tear glands do not produce many tears. In this surgery, the surgeon may remove some parts of salivary glands from the patients lower lip and grafts them to the upper eyelid.

Do eye boogers need treatment?

If you’re experiencing mild discharge when you wake up, there is no treatment necessary. If some other condition causes the discharge, treatment may be needed, which can include:
● To treat conditions like conjunctivitis, dry eyes, or corneal ulcers use eye drops
● Wear glasses instead of contact lenses for several days or weeks while your eyes heal
● Avoid any contact with your eyes except to apply medications after washing your hands thoroughly

What are the foods that may help me dry eye syndrome treatment?

Food rich in omega-3, omega-6 fatty acids, vitamin E, and vitamin A may help you in dry eye syndrome treatment.

What can be complications of dry eye syndrome treatment?

After dry eye syndrome treatment, people have no long-term complications, most likely. Dry eyes sometimes cause conjunctivitis, which generally does not require treatment. But, if it is recurring, then it is a sign that you may need to talk to your specialist about your condition and dry eye syndrome treatment.
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Does smoking affect dry eyes?

Yes, the dangerous elements of smoke get inside your bloodstream, thereby causing damage to your eyes. You place yourself at a higher risk of getting cataracts, age-related macular degeneration, and dry eyes if you smoke.

Is there any disease that can cause dry eyes?

Although dry eyes disorders are multifactorial, still some diseases can cause this eye condition, like:
● Rosacea
● Collagen vascular diseases
● Rheumatoid arthritis
● Congenital eye problem

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