Tue Jan 02 2018
7 things you should know about LASIK Surgery

LASIK, abbreviated for laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis, is the most popular surgical procedure used to treat refractive errors. All the vision problems which occur...

Mon Oct 22 2018
Be You with LASIK

If you’ve been sitting on the fence about getting LASIK surgery you might want to know what pushes people over the edge and causes...

Sat Dec 12 2015
Does LASIK Wear Off?

Anyone taking into consideration LASIK vision correction unquestionably wonders how long its effects last. LASIK is an investment in your health, and as with any investment, you should be aware of what you should expect.

Thu Jan 10 2019
Evolution of technology for better LASIK treatment

To perform the LASIK eye surgery, technology plays an important part for the process that includes the laser platforms used to perform the procedure....

Tue Jul 17 2018
Keratoconus Causes Blindness? NO

Keratoconus is not at all a blinding condition but a progressive condition that causes bulging of the cornea and can cause blurred vision, light...

Wed Jan 11 2017
LAISIK- Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to surgeries and medical procedures, everyone is a little hesitant and has many queries and doubts. Here are the answers to...

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