Tue Jun 07 2016
What Technology brings to Future of Eye Care

Ten to Fifteen years ago the tools available for diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases were very different from the ones which are present...

Fri Nov 17 2017
Why Do Animals Eye Glow In Dark?

The eyes are the most sensitive and smallest sensory organ in the body of a living organism. However, it is also the most complex...

Wed Feb 21 2018
Why Is Sleep Important For Your Eyes?

Sleep deprivation is a phenomenon which poses numerous disadvantages to your health. Talking in accordance with eye health, loosing onto sleep after an extensive...

Mon Mar 12 2018
10 Ways to Keep Your Eyes Healthy at Workplace

10 Ways to Keep Your Eyes Healthy at Workplace. Like take a 20 sec. break, Blink more, Use Prescription eye wear, Adjust monitor brightness, Ensure proper lighting, Adjust the screen resolution, correctly position your monitor, Minimize glare, Massage your eyes, Vitamins intake.

Wed Sep 13 2017

In some professions, dealing with contact lenses and eyeglasses can cause an adverse effect on both our performance and the health of our eyes....

Mon Jun 25 2018
Benefits of Night Vision Glasses

It often gets difficult for human eyes to adjust in a dark surrounding. For an instance, one the most difficult activity for our eyes...

Mon Nov 05 2018
Break Up Before It's Too Late (Breaking up with various unhealthy lifestyle)

Every day with new inventions bring in more comfort. But with the comfort lifestyle it brings its own share of problems. Our eyes are...

Wed Feb 24 2016
Caffeine – A Possible Anti-Cataract Element?

  The coffee you drink in the morning might be more than just wake you up. It may protect your eyes from Cataract as...

Mon Aug 24 2015
Computer Vision Syndrome

Nowadays nearly everyone has to spend a lot of time in front of a computer which can strain eyes as well as other parts of the body. Talking about eyes, Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) can affect anyone sitting in front of the computer screen for prolonged hours, whether at home or at work.

Mon Dec 12 2016
Everything You Should Know About Bifocals

Getting through your eyeglass prescription can be a daunting task, especially if you are unaware of prescription glass details. Going for the eye exam...

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