Safe Toys and Celebrations Month – December 2019

Thu Dec 12 2019

For a child, nothing is more delightful than a toy - soft toys, hard toys, and so many other things for children’s fun like crayons and acrylic colours. Toddlers and young children find unimaginable joy when they are around toys. Did you know that toys have a huge probability of injuring children, especially their eyes? December 2019 is being commemorated as the Safe Toys and Celebrations Month. The month focuses on educating parents on the discerned usage of toys and making sure that they are not harmful to the children’s eyes. Eye problems are not any child’s play, after all! In this world, something as trivial as a toy can be injurious to health! Abundant toys and sparse time can be a boon in a bane for a child, if not supervised well. The focus of parents should be around keeping a cautious eye on children and avoiding any injury. Eye injuries can be of many kinds and require immediate medical assessment. Some of the common eye injuries caused by playing with toys can range right from a minor scratch to corneal abrasion. Toy related mishaps can cause sight-threatening injuries like bleeding inside the eye, corneal ulcers, ocular injury, and retinal detachment. On a day to day basis, a lot of toy-related eye injuries come to light but are least given attention to. It is instrumental for parents to have observant eyes round the clock! If you consult an ophthalmologist in Delhi, you will get an insight into how toys, either soft or hard, can hurt at any magnitude. There are certain things that parents and guardians should always keep in mind, such as:

  • You should always inspect toys while buying them. Make sure you avoid toys with sharp edges or the ones that have too many parts, especially small parts. Buy toys that have parts that cannot be easily pulled off by a baby or a toddler.
  • It is essential that both age and skill level marked on the toy should match with the age and skill level of your child. Be mindful of buying toys like guns, water balloon launchers, toy wands, swords, sabres, etc. At the same time, in no circumstances should your child have access to firecrackers.
  • It is recommended to go for toys that have been ISI marked. Such labels are widely required to make sure that they meet all the safety standards.
  • Avoid buying crayons unless they have been marked as nontoxic. In addition, do not give any kind of toy that has ropes or cords. They are very unsafe for children.
Given the fact, how delicate the human eye is and a small injury can cause severe damage, it is important to take precautionary measures. There could be instances when you may not realize that there is an injury given its lesser magnitude. But you should never take it lightly. When an eye is injured, the retina has a considerable probability of getting damaged. Many times, even cornea and lens get hurt too. Such injury can affect the vision. If the injury is on the side of an eye, the vision has a stronger possibility of getting restored as in such cases, the retina and optic nerves are functioning as usual. The problem is grave if a child gets hurt right in the middle of the eye. The CFS team is very opinionated about the safety of eyes, and healthy vision at all fronts. With Centre For Sight , you need not worry. The seasoned eye specialists take efforts in treating eye ailments with the relevant medication and surgery if required. No matter what kind of injury has happened, an immediate check-up is required. And if the injury is grave, then treatment is required without any delay. Eye safety is a very crucial factor in today’s life. Children, when born, have an immature visual system, and this requires stimulation so that there is healthy infant vision development. There is no denying that vibrant toys mostly fuel a child’s vision, so it is important to choose safe toys. If you are a parent to a toddler, be cautious of the toys your child is playing with. It is crucial to be alert. Take care and be safe!
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For a child, nothing is more delightful than a toy – soft toys, hard toys, and so many other things for children’s fun like...
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