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3 Questions You Must Ask Before Your LASIK


Dr Ritika
Dr Ritika
3 min read

In the arena of technological advancement in medical studies, the effectiveness of the LASIK surgery to correct vision issues made an impressive mark. LASIK proved to be the most recommended eye surgical procedure for the treatment of vision problems which occur due to refractive errors in the eye.

Nonetheless, the decision to undergo the LASIK surgery must be followed through profound thinking and communicating sessions. It is a surgical process which promises to deliver the most effective results to correct refractive errors. However, like every surgical procedure, undergoing LASIK also requires the patient to follow certain precautionary measures. Moreover, it is also very important for the patient to understand if they are medically fit for the surgery or not.

We can derive a series of questions which you must ask your eye doctor before the LASIK surgery. So, we are mentioning some crucial questions here. Have a look.

  • Does the refractive error of my eye lies within the range ascertained for the surgical procedure?

According to the FDA regulations, people whose refractive error lies within the range ascertained by the regulatory body can only undergo the LASIK surgery. Thus, you must beforehand ask your doctor if you are eligible for the surgery under this criterion.

  • Are you prone to any potential risk of the surgery?

Although the surgical procedure possesses a great rate of success; tearing up, light sensitivity, blurriness, etc. are the certain immediate side effects which can occur. Apart from these side effects, LASIK can be prone to a few surgical risks. You must understand the chances and consequences of these risks prior to the surgery.

  • What post-surgical recovery measures should you follow?

The recovery process after the surgery requires a great deal of caution. Therefore, knowing the time duration and medication which your eyes would need to recover is very crucial.