Tue Sep 04 2018
10 Myths about Eye Donation

Not everyone is blessed and fortunate to see this world. Among us there are many who don’t know that how this world around them...

Wed Aug 03 2016
10 Things You Must Take in Your Diet to Keep Your Eyes Healthy

To have a great vision is everything. But unfortunately, many people suffer from poor eyesight, distorted vision, or have difficulty seeing objects close up or...

Mon May 01 2017
5 Things You Should Include In Your Daily Diet for Healthy Eyes in summers

In summers, it is a great task to stay healthy, hydrated and refreshed. However, even bigger is the task to ensure the health of...

Tue May 24 2016
5 Warning Signs that shows Eyesight is declining

  Eyes arenot exempt from the wear and tear of aging. Eyesight tends to deteriorate more gradually than suddenly. In fact, the warning signs...

Tue Jan 02 2018
5 Ways to take care of your Eyes this winter

With the occasion of Christmas and New Year around the corner, the winter season is at its peak. Along with the epitome of celebrations...

Wed Sep 09 2015
9 Eye Makeup Safety Tips That You Must Follow Always

We all love to get dressed and primped up in our daily lives. But, it comes with a price as we have to keep certain things in mind to avoid skin infections and breakouts.

Sat Nov 22 2014
Blindness in India

The condition of poor visual perception is commonly defined as blindness.

Tue Feb 16 2016
Books or E-Readers? Which are better for your eyes?

  Reading is a good habit by all sorts but the way you’re reading also has an impact on your physical and mental health....

Mon May 11 2015
Choosing the right Sunglasses

With the amount of benefits it serves, Sunglasses are no longer just a fashion accessory. They are an important protection for your eyes against the damaging rays of the sun.

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