Things To Keep In Mind While Buying Prescription Glasses

Thu Mar 05 2020

Buying eyeglass can be a challenging task, all thanks to the unlimited styles present in the market that leave you confused more than ever. You must have seen people struggling to buy the right pair of prescription glasses. One has to look for the lenses and coatings that offer the best features. With so many people requiring vision correction to some degree, it becomes vital to understand how to choose the right kind of prescription glasses. Prescription glasses are the lenses that have been made to match the wearer's defects of vision. An optometrist or ophthalmologist prescribes it. Ageing, poor lifestyle, the rise of time spent staring at screens, and loss of focus flexibility are some factors that contribute to the need for eyeglasses.

Below listed are some tips to keep in mind while prescription glasses:

  1. Eyewear prescription should be latest:

    You can not afford to go with an outdated prescription for your eyes. Get your eyesight examined and carry a copy of the prescription to buy a new one. Be sure to visit a local optical shop to get the newest prescription.
  2. Get your pupillary distance measured:

    Pupillary Distance or PD is the distance between your pupils. It is usually measured in millimeters. Generally, the pupillary distance falls between 54 and 68 mm. The optical center of the lenses gives the most accurate vision. This part should be just in front of your pupils.
  3. Choose frames wisely:

    Your whole look gets changed by simply wearing eyewear. Not only this, people who get their frames changed once in a while, also attract eyeballs. While ordering or buying prescription glasses, you should be aware of your frame size in advance. But what if the selection of frames goes wrong?
    • Go for eyeglasses that perfectly suit your face shape:

      Correct prescription glasses should match the right eyeglass frames. The eyeglasses should suit your facial features and complement the overall look. If you have an oval-shaped face, then you can rock almost any style of glasses. If your face is round, then you can select rectangular frames that give an elongated look. People with a square-shaped face should go for a rounder frame as it can balance the edgy look. Some people have a heart-shaped face. They can go for a round frame for a nice contrast. It is best if your frames match up to your personal style.
  4. Take advice on lens enhancement:

    Ask your optician about lens enhancements such as hard coatings, anti-reflective coatings, clean coat, tints, and filters. These enhancements offer protection and additional functionality and can help to adapt your glasses even more precisely to your specific needs.
  5. Keep your eyeglasses clean:

    People often end up damaging their eyeglasses easily. Always remember to clean your frames with a soft microfiber cloth. Keep them scratch-free by using both the hands while taking them off.
For team Centre for Sight, the guiding principles for achieving excellence in eye care is to provide specialized eye care and honest clinical opinion. We have always been guided by patient centric values of efficiency, precision, compassion, and integrity. CFS has been doing a dedicated service in the world of vision for more than two decades now. Our aim lies in restoring healthy vision. We also offer a brand new range of eyewear under the umbrella of 'CFS Vision'. We are here to help you find the right prescription glasses for your eyes. You can choose from the widest and most affordable range of optics. So why the wait? Flaunt those lovely eyes with the exciting range of perfect eyeglasses we have just for you.
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Buying eyeglass can be a challenging task, all thanks to the unlimited styles present in the market that leave you confused more than ever....
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