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Guided by the mantra, every eye deserves the best, Centre for Sight eye care hospital at Vijayawada works for quality patient care. Our eye hospital specializes in cataract eye surgery, LASIK and Refractive eye surgery, retina and glaucoma management. Our dedicated service and attention to detail make us stand apart from other eye hospitals in Vijayawada. Quality, care, and medical and service excellence are the pillars of our hospital.

Treatment for Cataract at Centre for Sight, Vijayawada

Cataract is one of the most common eyesight issues. In this eye disorder, the natural lens of the eyes gets clouded and becomes almost opaque. If not cured on time, it can affect the patient’s vision. Our eye care centre at Vijayawada brings light to the lives of people who suffer from cataract.

We treat cataract with the advanced microincision cataract surgery using the phacoemulsification technology. This technique has a lot of advantages, like:

  • Stitch less, with a small incision of less than 2 mm
  • Greater precision and safety
  • A better visual outcome with quicker recovery

We also offer LASIK eye surgery or laser for spectacle removal at the CFS Vijayawada centre. The surgery is quick, painless, and eliminates the necessity of eyeglasses or corrective lenses. At our group of eye care hospitals, we have meticulously handpicked a proficient team of ophthalmologists who are consistent in delivering specialized eye care services for various disorders of the eye. So next time if you look around for Lasik surgery in Vijayawada, then you know where to go.

At CFS, we are committed to treat you and send you back home with perfect vision. We are dedicated to providing exceptional eye care to patients from all over the country and abroad.

For any query, you may reach us by filling up the form given below. We will addressyour concern right away!

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"I chose Centre for Sight to get rid of my glasses. Their treatment is permanent, has no side effects and gave me the freedom to live to the fullest."
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