What is meant by Oculoplasty?

Fri May 20 2022

Oculopasty is a surgical procedure used to correct a medical problem of the eye or for cosmetic enhancements. Ophthalmologists or eye doctors with special training in reconstructive surgery perform this procedure.

This procedure is usually done to treat/ address the following –

  • Eyelid Malposition
  • Problems of the Orbit (eye socket)
  • Twitching of eyes
  • Blocked Tear Ducts
  • A tumor growing in or around the eye
  • Tear Drainage Problems
  • Eyebrow Problems
  • Skin Cancers of the Eyelid
  • Excessive blinking of the eye
  • Drooping of the upper eyelid
  • Entropion
  • Bulging eyes
  • Burns of the eyes
  • Wrinkles, scars, or folds around the eye
  • Blepharoplasty or eyelid reconstruction

What are the various types of oculoplastic surgeries?

The following are the types of oculoplastic surgeries that are performed –

  • Rejuvenate and enhance facial features
  • Lifting of the forehead and eyebrows
  • Botox and dermal fillers
  • Eyelid Surgery
  • Orbital surgery
  • Tear duct surgery
  • Pediatric oculoplastic surgery

How long does it take to recover from oculoplastic surgery?

The surgery in itself will be completed in one day. One will experience extensive tearing and blurry vision post-surgery, but after that, no other form of discomfort will be experienced. If any other symptom persists, one ought to consult their eye doctor. Regular follow-up checks are recommended.

Oculoplasty before and after

Before Oculoplasty eye surgery, one needs to keep the following in mind –

a. One must not take any blood-thinning medication prior to the surgery

b. One must undergo a routine check-up prior to the surgery to ensure that all is in control and that it is safe to perform the procedure

c. Avoid smoking at all costs

Post-surgery, the following measures ought to be undertaken –

a. Avoid drinking and smoking for a period that the doctor prescribes;

b. To reduce pain, bruising, and swelling, apply an ice pack and rest.

c. It’s recommended to avoid activities that would raise your blood pressure

d. A blurry vision immediately after surgery is a healthy condition, and there is o need to fret over the same.

e. One might experience an increased tear overflow.

Regular follow-ups are recommended after that to ensure that the recovery is complete.

Orbit and oculoplasty

Orbit and oculoplasty is a separate discipline that requires the ophthalmologist to perform reconstructive surgeries around the eyeball and in the orbit area. Orbit Oculopasty surgeries can be performed in case of trauma, tumors, or to manage the thyroid.

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Article: What is meant by Oculoplasty?
Author: CFS Editorial Team   |   May 20 2021 | UPDATED 02:00 IST

*The views expressed here are solely those of the author in his private capacity and do not in any way represent the views of Centre for Sight.

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