What are the major age related eye Problems?

Mon Dec 12 2016

With age come many problems and the change in senses can be the scariest one. It has a huge impact on the comfort, safety and ability of an individual to understand their surroundings. As expected, ourparents as they age go through these same changes. One of the first senses which are struck by this aging is their eyesight. There are many age related eye issues and Cataracts are the most common one.

Moreover Cataracts are the leading cause of blindness in India, with more than 60% elders struggling with blindness due to Cataracts. Due to the incapacitation caused by blurred vision, leaving cataracts undiagnosed and untreated for long time can lead to physical danger, such as injuries from falls or running into unseen objects, as well as psychological harm like depression and social isolation. So if your parents or some elder person you know are experiencing symptoms as described below, it may be time for a cataract exam.

Changes in Glasses Prescription:

If you find them frequently needing stronger glasses or contacts then they might have cataracts, and buying a strong pair of reading glasses isn’t going to fix the problem. If their eyesight is changing rapidly, then the issue may be of developing cataracts.

Sensitivity to Light: 

Light sensitivity is a common symptom of cataracts, and the glare of bright lights can be incredibly painful and discomforting. Studies suggest that sensitivity to light is a clear early symptom of cataracts – even more so than other vision changes. That sensitivity could be used to diagnose cataracts before vision changes become more advanced, so schedule an appointment with your eye doctor if your parents notice the glare of the sun or the car headlights at night becoming too much to bear for them.

Blurry Vision: 

If you find them constantly needing to clean their glasses in an effort to clear their vision, their cataracts could be worsening. As cataracts grow this effect can increase, making the world seem cloudy, blurry, or dim.

Brown/Yellow Tint: 

As the eye’s lens grows duller over time your cataracts can darken, causing a yellow or brown tint to develop. This darkening can make it difficult to read, thread a needle, perceive fine details, or distinguish some colours.

Double Vision:

Clouding, as a result of cataracts, can actually lead your parent to see two (or more) images of a single object. Typically the double vision is in only one eye, signalling a problem with thecornea or lens.Though age may bring changes which weaken eyes and vision of your parents, there are things you can do to maintain their lifelong eye and overall health. 

Whether or not their age-related sight conditions have started showing signs, there are simple things you can do for them to help improve their vision andgood eye health. Take your parents to the eye doctor regularly for screenings, and take specialprecautions if they have diabetes or a family history of eye disease.

Article: Are Your Parents Complaining About These Eye Problems? It Might Be Cataract
Author: Dr Abhishek Goel   |   Dec 12 2016 | UPDATED 02:00 IST

*The views expressed here are solely those of the author in his private capacity and do not in any way represent the views of Centre for Sight.

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