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Category: Paediatric Eye Care

All You Wanted to Know About Cataracts in Children


Clouding in your child’s eyes? It may be a cataract. A cataract is an eye condition in which your natural lens in the eye starts to become cloudy over time and affects your vision. Cataract most commonly affects people above 40, but some babies are also born with it. Cataracts are rarely found in children. Read More

Safe Toys and Celebrations Month – December 2019


For a child, nothing is more delightful than a toy – soft toys, hard toys, and so many other things for children’s fun like crayons and acrylic colours. Toddlers and young children find unimaginable joy when they are around toys. Did you know that toys have a huge probability of injuring children, especially their eyes? Read More

Importance of eye examination for your children

Parents take care of their child’s every need and try their best to protect them from all illnesses and discomfort. You take your kids to paediatricians regularly and make sure that everything is alright. So why do you neglect their eye care unless it grows into an actually damaging issue that makes itself known? Why Read More

Have a look at our warning signs of Child Vision problems!

Nowadays it is estimated that 60 percent of children with learning difficulties have undiagnosed vision problems, and 80 percent of learning is visual.Sometimes, the condition puts these children at a serious disadvantage in their education and their social development. So here’s what you can do as parents to make sure this doesn’t happen to our Read More

Toys to Avoid to Keep Your Child’s Eyes Safe

Toys to Avoid to Keep Your Child's Eyes Safe

A childhood without toys would be the most undesirable nightmare of any kid. All the same, a toy which can turn the fun time into danger can never be worthy of possession. A child’s eye is most prone to any injury or damage from a certain type of toys. Here is a list of some Read More

Common Eye Diseases in Children

Since infancy to early childhood, children are prone to various eye diseases. In numerous cases, children are born with an eye problem. Nevertheless, there are many eye diseases which develop in children with growing age. Eye diseases  can be extremely detrimental to the child’s overall development. Here is a list of the most common eye Read More

Eyeglasses for Children

Eyeglasses for Children

If you’re a parent in search of the right pair of eyeglasses for your child, this is just the right read for you. For starters, most children who need eyeglasses are either nearsighted or farsighted. Depending on the degree of visual correction necessary, your eye doctor will prescribe glasses for full- or part-time wear. The eyeglass prescription is always the primary consideration in choosing Read More

7 Things You Should Teach Your Children about Eye Safety

Eyes are the gift of life which is delicate and needs to be treated with proper care. Your responsibility as a parent is to teach your child about eye safety because healthy eye care habits which are developed fromyoung age help the child develop a healthy lifestyle and maintain good vision for the lifetime. So here are Read More

Squint in Children & Treatment

Squint is a misalignment of the two eyes. In this condition, both the eyes do not look in the same direction at the same time. Squints are common and affect around one in 20 children. They usually develop before five years of age, but can appear later too.

World Retinoblastoma Awareness

India has the highest number of Retinoblastoma (Rb) affected children in the world, with about 1500 new cases reported each year informed Dr. Santosh G. Honavar, while addressing a press conference here in city on the occasion of World Retinoblastoma Awareness Week.