Is Your Eye Makeup Affecting Your Vision?

Thu Mar 01 2018

A lot of women and girls naturally consider Eye Makeup a blessing. The fact that eye makeup is capable of enhancing a woman’s features and expressions is undebatable. You can ask any woman and she would tell you that the eye makeup products are one of the most incredible existential things. Whether to mesmerize the world with a dramatic eye look or just trying to keep it subtle with slight use of eyeliners and mascaras; a few basic eye makeup products can do all the wonders and add stars to a woman’s beauty. However, we often ignore the adverse effects of regular use of eye makeup. A consistent & everyday use of certain eye makeup products can cause a significant damage to your vision. Even though the eye makeup products are manufactured cautiously using safe material; a consistent application of eyeshadows, eyeliner, mascara, etc. can gradually affect your eyes. Therefore, a diligent use and removal of eye makeup is a must. Nonetheless, the sole cause of vision problems because of eye makeup products are not only the products or their everyday use. It depends upon the eye makeup habits you adhere to that can prevent or cause any damage to your eye health. Here are the certain factors related to eye makeup which affects your vision:

  • Irresponsible storage of the eye makeup products

Irresponsible storage of eye makeup products can lead to the multiplication of bacteria and germs. It causes bacterial and fungal infections to invade your eyes. It happens because the germs get into direct contact with the eyes, the makeup being the catalyst. Therefore, to prevent it, you must always keep your cosmetics – especially eye makeup products – in cold and closed places.

  • Using Old or Expired eye makeup products

Using the same products for a long time can increase the chances of infections. Therefore, you must get rid of the old or expired cosmetics and switch to new ones in every few months. You must also ensure to never use dried or damaged cosmetics such as mascara or Kohl. 

  • Sharing your eye cosmetics with friends

Always remember that using someone else’s cosmetics or sharing your eye cosmetics with a friend can gradually cause certain eye problems. You should never consider sharing your eye cosmetics with anybody if you wish to maintain your eye health and prevent communicable eye infections. 

  • Not cleaning or washing off the makeup brushes

You must always ensure the cleanliness of your makeup brushes. Consistent use of unwashed or tattered makeup brushes and tools can be a source of eye infections. It happens as your makeup brushes tend to gather dirt & germs over a period of time. Hence, every time you use it to apply your eye makeup, you expose your eyelids, eyelashes, & even the cornea to bacterial and fungal infections.

  • Not washing off the makeup before sleeping

If you are habitual of going to sleep without properly removing your eye makeup with the right products and in the appropriate way then you must know that your eyes are developing eye problems. Failing to remove eye makeup before hitting the bed allows bacterial infections and oil build up. Hence, it causes eyelid inflammation, redness, irritation, etc.

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