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3 tips to minimize the recovery time after LASIK


3 min read

In the present scenario, LASIK surgery is the most recommended and favorable surgery for people suffering vision problems. The beneficial effects of LASIK have been widely helpful for patients to get rid of the irritable factors associated with the use of eye glasses and contact lenses.

Moreover, the effectiveness of the surgery can often be measured in its success rate and the limited time span it requires for complete vision correction. Although, attaining full recovery of all aftereffects of the surgery can be a time consuming process.

On an average basis, your eyes take around 3 months to entirely recover post LASIK. However, in many cases it can even take almost 6 months to attain affluent recovery.

Nonetheless, there is no problem which exists without a fair and adequate solution. Thus, we list 3 tips for you to minimize the recovery time of your vision after LASIK. Incorporating these tips in your lifestyle can be a compelling solution to prevent an extensive recovery timeline and thus, to avoid the associated bothersome symptoms.

1) Do Not Rub Your Eyes
Rubbing the eyes can cause radical damage to the corneal flap. Therefore, it may even lead to another ophthalmic surgery to readjust the flap. After the surgery there is always a burning and itching sensation and feels like some foreign body in eye for sometimes but don’t rub your eyes or even touch it. It can be uncomfortable but it is important not to touch to heal properly and fast.

2) Do Not look into Computer Screens for too long
Working on a computer all day long or paying excessive continuous attention at the screen can make your eyes dry. This can lead to increased irritation and itching sensation. Therefore, you must ensure to give your eyes regular required rest. Keep your eyes moist and nourished on a hectic work day by prescribed artificial tears.

3) Always carry sunglasses along
The UV rays of the sunlight can be greatly harmful for the health of your eyes. Exposing your eyes to direct sunlight can cause severe damage to the vision. Thence, we suggest you to always carry a pair of UV protected sunglasses to help your eyes with a quick recovery.