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At our eye hospital in Ranchi, we prioritize providing high-quality eye care to patients with complex eye conditions. Our team of experienced doctors and surgeons use the latest technology and resources to offer a range of specialized services, including cataract treatment, glaucoma care, retina and uvea treatment, Oculoplasty, and comprehensive eye care. Our goal is to ensure that patients receive the best possible care at an affordable price.

Cataract Surgery

At Centre for Sight in Ranchi, our team of eye specialists offers the latest technology for cataract surgery, which is the only way to remove this condition where the human crystalline lens becomes cloudy and opaque with age, causing impaired vision. Our experienced surgeons are dedicated to providing personalized and expert care to help patients regain clear vision.

Retina & Uvea Services

Our eye hospitals in Ranchi comprise a team of skilled retina specialists well-equipped to handle various retina-related disorders. We offer a range of treatments for retinal diseases like diabetic retinopathy. The treatments include laser photocoagulation, intravitreal injections, and vitrectomy. Our specialists in Ranchi are dedicated to providing comprehensive care and expert surgical management for even the most complex vitreoretinal diseases to achieve the best possible outcomes for our patients using the latest technology and our extensive diagnostic and surgical experience.

Glaucoma Treatment

If you or a loved one is struggling with glaucoma, our team of eye doctors at Centre for Sight in Ranchi is here to help. Glaucoma is a severe condition that can cause permanent vision loss if not treated promptly. Our team is dedicated to providing the highest quality eye care using the latest technology and treatment methods. Depending on your specific needs, we offer a range of treatment options, including eye drops, laser treatment, and surgery. Don’t let glaucoma compromise your vision – visit us at our eye care facility in Ranchi for expert diagnosis and treatment.

Paediatric Ophthalmology

At Centre for Sight in Ranchi, our highly skilled eye specialists are dedicated to providing exceptional care for children with eye conditions. We specialize in treating squint (strabismus), carefully evaluating each case and recommending the most effective non-surgical or surgical treatment options. Non-surgical treatments may include muscle exercises and prism glasses, while amblyopia therapy is often used to treat lazy eyes. Our team is committed to providing personalized care to ensure that your child’s vision is restored and maintained.

Oculoplasty services

At Centre for Sight in Ranchi, our ophthalmologists are highly trained in oculoplasty and can provide expert treatment for various conditions. During your consultation, we will carefully evaluate your current eye health and any symptoms you may be experiencing. Our oculoplasty services are open to all, and our ocular oncology department is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and expertise to prevent, diagnose, and treat eye cancers effectively.

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