Lasik Surgery Or Contacts: Which One Is Right For You?

Mon Feb 22 2016

Not everybody is a fan of wearing eyeglasses daily. If you want to be free from them by removing the issues affecting eyesight, you have possible two ways in front of you. Either you get LASIK surgery to get rid of the glasses or you can wear contact lenses as an alternative, both of which have their own merits in different scenarios. Let’s see how much they differ in the end result and which one you should prefer more. 1) Wearing contact lenses increases your risk of eye infection, and this risk increases significantly if you tend to fall asleep while wearing your contacts. For laser eye surgery, the primary risks/side effects are dry eyes and visual disturbances such as glare and halos. According to a research, major people were found satisfied with the outcome of LASIK surgery. Newer technologies like Femtosecond laser for blade free surgery, wavefront-guided laser etc. have greatly reduced the complexity of the procedure and made it more precise and accurate. 2) Both contacts and LASIK eye surgery provide excellent vision quality but there is a factor to consider. Your vision can change over time. So your contact lens prescription can be easily adjusted according to this. In the case of LASIK surgery, if the changes are significant enough, which is a rare occurrence, a second LASIK surgery might come into play. 3) It’s important to note that the need for eye care doesn’t get eliminated with laser vision correction. You still need routine eye exams to check for any vision changes or symptoms of eye disease, and you should purchase at least one pair of non-prescription sunglasses that block 100 percent of the sun’s UV rays. So it all comes down to this question – which one is better? And answer to this question is that it’s all about preference. If the doctor says you are a good candidate for either contacts or laser eye surgery, you can go with any one of them. Advantages offered by laser eye procedure for specs removal operation are enough to surpass any other methodologies which fall under this. It is a quick, painless, stitchless surgery with very little recovery time. The fundamental advantage of LASIK surgery is that a great many people accomplish 20/20 vision after the surgery.  

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