7 Things You Should Teach Your Children about Eye Safety

Mon Oct 03 2016

Eyes are the gift of life which is delicate and needs to be treated with proper care. Your responsibility as a parent is to teach your child about eye safety because healthy eye care habits which are developed fromyoung age help the child develop a healthy lifestyle and maintain good vision for the lifetime. So here are the seven most important things you should teach your child about Eye care and safety: 1) Tell your kids to take proper breaks Ask your child to maintain a proper distance between eyes and digital devices like computer, laptop, TV and mobile phones. While looking at the screens of such devices for prolonged time, tell them to follow the 20-20-20 rule. This rule states to you have to look at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds after every 20 minutes to relive your eyes of eyestrain. 2) Tell your kids to never rub eyes When they feel there is something in their eyes, tell them to not rub eyes because there is the risk of scratching your eyeball with a foreign particle and making it worse. You should help them wash out the object by splashing eyes with clean water. 3) Tell your kids to eat healthy food One of the fundamental thing towards better eyesight is to have a proper balanced diet in the menu which includes all the healthy ingredients like green vegetables like spinach and broccoli, fresh fruits, fish like salmon and tuna for their omega-3s etc. All these nutrients help your eyes to function properly and perform their best. 4) Tell your kids to do exercises Aperson with lifestyle includingroutine exercising has reduced chances of developing problems in eyesight or diseases which lead to eye issues like diabetes. 5) Tell your kids to wear sunglasses The harmful Ultra Violet rays coming from the sun need to be blocked with 100% UV blocking sunglasses. Along with sunglasses, ask your children to wear a hat as well when out of the house and tell them to never look at the sun directly. 6) Tell your kids to be careful with pointy things The pointy and sharp things like knives, pencils or scissors should be used or carried around with utmost care, with their sharpened side pointing away. Tell your children to be careful around sprays and sharp objects and never throw them at anyone’s face. 7) Tell your kids to put Eye Gear Proper eye gear is required when engaging in fast-paced sports activities, dealing with power tools, using chemicals or even when doing gardening. Consult with your doctors about their activities & hobbies and make them safe from serious injuries to the eyes.          

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