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Centre for Sight eye hospital offers a diverse range of specialities under one roof and is dedicated to providing high-quality medical and surgical care. Our experienced ophthalmologists will precisely customize the treatment approach according to each eye to obtain the best possible results. In addition, we have a best-in-class infrastructure with the most up-to-date approved technology to meet the demands of each patient. Over the years, thousands of delighted patients have benefited from our high-quality care. In Guwahati, Centre for Sight eye hospital seeks to deliver a personalized eye care experience, from the initial assessment to the extended aftercare plan.

Our eye hospital in Guwahati specializes in the following treatments:

  • Cataract eye surgery

We are experts in bladeless robotic cataract surgery and offer a variety of tests for identifying and treating cataracts. All needed tests, technology, and experience are on hand to provide each patient with the best possible eyesight. With technology and expertise, cataract surgery is a  stitchless, pain-free walk-in walk-out procedure. All advanced IOL options are available at our centre- aspheric IOL, toric IOL, multifocal, toric IOL and EDOF lenses.

  • LASIK Laser surgery

Our eye hospital in Guwahati specializes in performing advanced LASIK treatments for spectacle removal.  ICL procedures are offered for those who may not be suitable for LASIK and desire spectacle removal.

  • Glaucoma treatment

Our specialists at the Guwahati centre are well equipped to support glaucoma treatment from the beginning. Correct diagnosis, appropriate treatment, and individualised follow-ups under the supervision of our glaucoma experts ensure that the quiet thief of sight/Kala Motia does not permanently destroy your eyesight.

  • Computer Vision Syndrome

We provide comprehensive treatment for CVS disorders, from detection to evaluation and management, which may vary depending on the needs of each individual. For more effective results, our eye specialists in Guwahati provide a complete clinical assessment and an understanding of each individual’s work environment before beginning treatment.

  • Retina Services

Our experienced retina specialists and advanced retina setup including lasers ensure you get the best retina care. Our diabetic retinopathy treatment options include laser photocoagulation, intravitreal injections, and vitrectomy. We also have cutting-edge equipment and extensive diagnostic and surgical knowledge to treat other retinal disorders.

  • Paediatric Ophthalmology & Squint

With the help of our paediatric eye specialists in Guwahati, we ensure that every child who visits the centre has a great treatment experience. We treat strabismus (also known as Squint) and various other common eye problems in youngsters.

  • Oculoplasty

    Our ophthalmic and face cosmetic surgeons use their substantial knowledge of ophthalmology and experience in cosmetic eye surgery to help you improve your facial features and regain confidence.

  • Cornea Services

Corneal ulcers and keratoconus are among the disorders we address at our centre in Guwahati. Our highly competent eye specialists deal with various difficult corneal conditions and help patients regain healthy eyesight.

  • Optical and Pharmacy

Our Pharmacy offers genuine medicines as per your eye conditions. We have a team of highly trained pharmacists to provide you with a comprehensive medicine course. We also offer prominent eyewear brands to meet your fashion and eye care needs! You may choose from our extensive collection of sunglasses, contact lenses, blue 0 computer glasses, and eyeglasses with gorgeous styles and colours for children, teens, and adults – that stand out in unrivalled quality and care.

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