Beauty is forever, Beauty Products are not: Expiration Date on your Eye Products

Mon Feb 22 2016

  Just about everything has an expiration date on it if it’s consumable, right? Cosmetics have a time such limit, considering we put those in our hair, skin, face and eyes. How many months or years you should hold on to them depends on several factors. Among important considerations when deciding the time to toss out and replace beauty products: type of makeup, how it’s been stored, and whether you’ve had an eye infection. Some makeup products shouldn’t be kept longer than 3 months, but you can hang on to other paints and varnishes for a couple years. Mascara (Three to six months): Mascara is one of the most volatile products in any beauty kit. If mascara smells or changes the texture, throw it out. To avoid a bacterial invasion, refrain from pumping the wand to pick up more color — this only forces air into the tube and dries out the mascara. For a better way to evenly coat the wand, swipe it in a circular motion slowly around the inside of the tube. Eye liner: Three months (liquid or gel liner) to two years (pencil):  Like mascara, liquid or gel eye liner is vulnerable to bacteria and susceptible to drying out if not stored properly. Pencil eye liner normally lasts longer than its liquid counterparts, but won’t last forever. To make sure you’re using a clean tip, sharpen before each application. Eye shadow: Six months (cream) to two years (powder):  Although eye shadow tends to last longer than other types of makeup, you should still watch for signs of wear. Toss eye shadow when pigments change or if you notice waxy buildup. To maximize eye shadow life, invest in fewer colors and buy smaller sizes. Also, if you add water to powder shadow for darker, more intense color, don’t keep it longer than six months. Keep your applicators clean and your liquid shadows should last 12 months. Powder shadows will keep 2 years. But the thing to understand here is that these are general guidelines. It’s time to toss them out when you experience a change in the consistency of your products. Though you would want to keep favorite products for years, you may be doing your eyes more harm than good. Spoiled eyewear products can cause irritation, allergic reactions, and even infection. Avoid such hassles and damage to your eyes by maintaining healthy eye means and updating your products on a regular basis.  

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