Is Your Make-Up Affecting Your Eyes?

Tue Apr 30 2019

Like many of the foreign objects that come in contact with our body, make-up also sometimes harms us. The proper application and removal of make-up is highly emphasized these days that no part of your body suffers its negative effects. Make-up for your sensitive and vulnerable eyes needs to be handled with even more caution. What kind of damage can eye make-up do? While eye make up is not actually put inside the eye, the skin around your eyes, eyelashes and lids are all still susceptible to damage or infection. Brush Image

    • Mascara, especially, can be very harmful to your eyes if not applied and removed responsible. The brush with which it is applied should be used carefully, so that it doesn’t accidentally poke your eye. Letting mascara remain on your lashes for too long may even lead to eye infections.
    • Kajal (kohl), eye liners and mascara, all contain a large amount of soot. Kajal is usually applied a little closer to the inner parts of the eye, at the edge of your skin below. Everyday use of it is definitely damaging to your eyes.
    • Make-up applicators and brushes can accumulate dirt and impurities over time. It can be a host to disease causing bacteria as well. Infections, stye and other reactions in the eyes are not uncommon after getting in contact with these bacteria.
    • Similarly, sharing your make-up products and equipment can also lead to spreading of germs and bacteria. It is a breach of individual hygiene that can cause you harm.
    • Eyeliner and eyeshadow, like most other make-up, tend to fill in the pores of your skin. The edge of your eyelids have oil producing pores that need to remain open so that a stable tear filter is maintained in your eyes.
  • Fake eyelashes may provide a lot of people with desirable long lashes, but they have been known to cause more harm than good. Putting that type of adhesive anywhere near your eyes is highly dangerous.
Ways to avoid harm caused by eye make-up
    • While it is our habit to check expiry dates for medicines and packaged foods, most people forget to do the same with their cosmetic products. Make sure to check the suggested directions of use and expiry date of the make-up before buying.
    • Avoid putting on make-up while you are moving and when your hand is unsteady. It can lead to accidents like poking your eye with the brush and maybe even causing more severe injury.
Remove Makeup Image
    • Be sure to remove all eye-make up when it is no longer needed or before going to bed. Do not let it remain on your eye for too long.
    • Keep your make-up and brushes clean and hygienic so that the product is not spoiled or contaminated with bacteria.
  • Another very important measure to prevent damage is testing the products. Many make-up items come with the suggestion to test them before applying fully. Do the same for your eye make-up too and check if it suits your skin.
Eyes are a beautiful part of your body, often aesthetically enhanced by the use of make-up. If you choose to use eye make-up, do it responsibly so that they are not harmed unknowingly. If you do feel the symptoms of damage, take help from an ophthalmologist as soon as possible. Read Also: 9 Eye Makeup Safety Tips That You Must Follow Always
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Like many of the foreign objects that come in contact with our body, make-up also sometimes harms us. The proper application and removal of...
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