Holi 2020: Your Guide To Complete Eye Care

Wed Feb 05 2020

Holi is around the corner. Are you ready to smear yourself in colour? Celebrating Holi is great fun. People go wild celebrating this festival. But there are certain precautions that are required to be taken, especially when it comes to eye care. Ignorance may lead to lethal consequences for your eyes. There are all types of colours available in the market. While green colours are considered right, synthetic colours can make matters worse. You can choose to make your Holi colourful and playful just by taking some measures that can protect your eyes.

Ways To Protect Eyes in Holi

  1. Wearing sunglasses:

    Protect your eyes with protective eyewear while playing Holi.
  2. Tie hair:

    Don't forget to tie your hair so that colors can't drip in your eyes from anywhere.
  3. Avoid rubbing eyes:

    If colors get inside your eyes, don't rub. Rubbing can make it worse. Rinse with clean, freshwater.
  4. Put oil:

    Apply a thick layer of coconut oil so that color doesn't easily stick to your eyes and surrounding areas. It then becomes easy to remove colors.
  5. Keep colors away from eyes and surrounding areas:

    Always make it a point, while smearing colors, be preventive of the eyes.
  6. Say ‘NO’ to synthetic colors:

    Don't use synthetic/artificial colors. It contains heavy metals that can cause a chemical burn, corneal abrasion, pink eye or any eye injury.
  7. Avoid throwing balloon colors:

    Playing with water balloons is a favorite thing for many people on Holi. While it physically hurts, it can be severely damaging to the eyes and head. It contains shining mica particles that may hamper the cornea.
  8. Avoid contact lenses while playing:

    Restrain wearing contact lenses as the lens can break in the eyes with the sudden pressure of water. Colors can also get trapped in the lens, which results in infection.
  9. Avoid color if already suffering from any eye-ailment:

    If you are already suffering from some eye infection or any eye ailment, then, avoid playing wet Holi. Even if you choose to play dry Holi, then keep it away from your face.
  10. Anti-allergic medicines:

    Keep anti-allergic tablets with you. Skin allergies are quite common after playing Holi.
  11. Make your colors healthy:

    If it’s possible, make your colors using kitchen ingredients like besan, rose-petals, flowers, spinach, etc.

Post Holi Eye Care Tips

  Eyes are your window to the world. They are one of the most essential organs of your body. Hence treating them as they should be is crucial. After playing Holi, a complete eye care regime should be followed.
  1. Complete eye care regime:

    It takes multiple baths to completely get rid of the colors from the body and the scalp. Make sure to massage your eyes and surrounding areas. Give them all the love and care they deserve. Apply rose-water for relaxing your eyes, lotion, and creams to moisturize.
  2. Take sound sleep:

    Good sleep is something you look forward to after a tiring day. Your eyes need rest after all the fun you had after Holi. Sleep.
  3. Wear sunglasses while going out:

    People tend to play Holi even after the day has gone. So, it is best advised to keep your sun-glasses with you while stepping out of the home to keep your eyes safe.
Centre for Sight is always at your service when it comes to eye care. We are there to treat you with the utmost priority when anything goes wrong with your eyes. Do contact your nearest eye specialist if you feel any eye-related issues post Holi.
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Holi is around the corner. Are you ready to smear yourself in colour? Celebrating Holi is great fun. People go wild celebrating this festival....
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