Wondering How to Improve Your Eyesight? Try These Tips!

Fri Dec 03 2021

Did you know you can take care of your eyesight (and improve it) the way you can take care of other aspects of your health? Apart from making sure that you schedule regular appointments with your ophthalmologists, there are a few measures that you can take right in the comfort of your home to improve your eyesight. So, if you’re wondering how to improve your eyesight, keep reading! 

Different things you can do to improve your eyesight! 

Here are a few things that you can do to improve your eyesight

Manage your diseases: If you happen to have chronic conditions such as diabetes, it is essential to take care of your health as they can impact your vision. This can happen due to secondary conditions that may develop when the primary disease is not managed efficiently. For instance, when Type 2 Diabetes is not managed, it can lead to diabetic retinopathy, which causes the loss of vision. Similarly, other chronic diseases such as high blood pressure can lead to glaucoma when not managed correctly.

Make sure you’re getting essential nutrients: The nutrients you get from your food help your body function in the most optimal way possible. This holds true for your vision too. When you improve your intake of Vitamin A, E, B, zinc and more, you can experience better vision and fewer health concerns related to your eyes. For instance, by increasing your intake of antioxidants, you can reduce the risk of developing macular degeneration.

Wear appropriate eyewear: Taking care of your eyes goes beyond nutrition and exercise. As working professionals, we are all accustomed to staring at screens for long hours to fulfil our professional roles. The blue light emitted by such screens causes eye fatigue and can harm your vision in the long run. While certain devices have built-in eyecare features in the display, it is still essential to make sure you’re sporting the proper eyewear to protect your eyes. Multiple manufacturers now produce glasses that come with a special anti-glare coating, and you can speak to your ophthalmologist about getting the same. Additionally, when you step out of your home, you should wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun. 

Why CFS?

CFS is one of India’s leading chains of eye care clinics, and we work with the leading physicians in the country to bring you the care you deserve. If you have been experiencing changes with your vision lately, schedule an appointment with your nearest CFS clinic today so that our ophthalmologists can guide you about the natural ways to improve your eyesight.

Article: Tips to Improve Your Eyesight

Author: CFS Editorial Team   |   Dec 03 2021 | UPDATED 07:00 IST

*The views expressed here are solely those of the author in his privatecapacity and do not in any way represent the views of Centre for Sight.

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