5 Simple Eye Exercises to Keep your Eyes Relaxed

Wed Apr 03 2019

Did you know that our eyes are responsible for 80 per cent of our perception? We tend to take our vision for granted and often forget that our eyes are the most developed sensory organs in our body and play an absolutely vital role in our day to day life. Taking care of your vision and sight is the first step towards taking care of your health in general and leading a healthier lifestyle. And it is not hard to do at all! By following a few rules and taking some precautions, you can ensure that your eyes will be healthy in the long-term. In this blog, we'll look at 5 simple eye exercises to keep your eyes relaxed. Blink More! Blinking is very important for our eyes as it lubricates them and keeps them from getting dry. It has been studied that we tend to blink less when we are staring at a digital screen. The normal rate of blinking around 20 times per minute gets dropped to blinking 8 times per minute, which can lead to dryness of the eye. By remembering to blink more, your eyes will stay lubricated, relaxed and healthy. Wash your Eyes with Cold Water Wash Your Eyes Image Cold water has a very soothing effect on our eyes which helps in relaxing them. By washing your eyes with cold water every morning and night, you can ensure they remain healthy, fresh, and relaxed. Aside from making this habit a part of your daily routine, you can also do it whenever you are feeling like your eyes are extra tired and want to give them a break to relax. Roll your Eyes! To do this exercise, simply close your eyes and roll them in all directions! It helps in relaxing the eyes and has a great soothing effect on them. Palming Palming Image One of the easiest ways to relax your eyes is known as palming. To do this exercise, simply rub your palms together until they are warm and then place them on your eyes to relax and soothe them. Before you do this exercise and when you touch your eyes in general, try to keep your hands clean to minimize the risk of eye infections. Distance Gazing Distance Gazing is a simple exercise to relax your eyes. Whenever your eyes are feeling tired or strained, try to look at a faraway object with complete attention and a relaxed gaze. You can look out the window if you're indoors. After a few seconds of focusing on the object, divert your gaze to another object and focus on it completely. Doing this multiple times will relax your eyes and as a bonus, you may end up seeing something interesting during the process. Closing Tips A few other things you can do for healthy eyes are:

  • Know your family's eye history.
  • Wear protective eyewear.
  • Practice safety precautions at work.
  • Limit time spent looking at digital screens.
  • Wear UV-protected sunglasses.
  • Quit smoking and other unhealthy lifestyle decisions.
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Did you know that our eyes are responsible for 80 per cent of our perception? We tend to take our vision for granted and...
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