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Centre for Sight-New Vision Laser Centres (CFS-NVLC) is a group of ophthalmological eye care centres, primarily specializing in laser refractive surgery and treatment for all kinds of refractive solutions in India. It is an integral part of the Centre for Sight, a well-known group of eye care hospitals in India, established with a mission to provide comprehensive eye care with a personal touch.

Our team of skilled and experienced doctors uses the latest technology to offer an array of successful eye care treatments, and thousands of satisfied patients have benefitted from our quality patient care. Our NVLC centre at Rajkot offers Lasik and SMILE eye surgery to fix refractive errors. We also provide treatment for computer vision syndrome.

Lasik Surgery in Rajkot

Our eye hospital in Rajkot, Gujarat, specializes in Lasik and refractive surgery. It is a quick, safe, and painless procedure to correct the vision of people who rely on glasses and contact lenses for their everyday life. Eye specialists at our eye care centre apply the recommended industry practices and methods to conduct Lasik surgeries. The experienced team of eye specialists conducts PRK/ Surface Ablation & Blade Lasik with extreme care and caution. We also do Femto-Lasik eye surgery that uses the latest femtosecond laser technology and is blade-free. Also, the pre-post surgery care given at our centre enables patients to regain their vision without encountering any complications.

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"I chose Centre for Sight to get rid of my glasses. Their treatment is permanent, has no side effects and gave me the freedom to live to the fullest."
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