Five Myths About LASIK You Should Stop Believing

LASIK eye surgery is the most popular  treatment for vision problems. Over the past years, the outcome of undergoing a LASIK surgery has been incredible for various patients. The procedure has assured the betterment of patient’s eyesight. However, a majority of people have various misconceptions about the surgery due to the misinformation spread across the Read More

Five Reasons to Get LASIK Surgery Done This Summer

Five Reasons to Get LASIK Surgery Done This Summer

The summer has arrived. The season of long vacations is undoubtedly the best time of the year to travel, enjoy leisure around beaches, and try new adventurous activities. However, many people spend their entire summer vacation locked in their house– glued to their television screens. Mostly those who are bound to a physical frailty,weak eyesight Read More

Five Problems Only People Wearing Contact Lenses Can Understand

The weakening of vision leads to various painstaking adaptations in everyday life. It is simply impossible to read without stressing your eyes or just address the beauty of the sky with bare eyes. Thus, an eyeglass becomes our enduring associate. However, regular use of eyeglasses becomes dull and troublesome. Therefore, at least once – almost every Read More

7 Tips for Summer Eye Care

Summers and the scorching sun are nothing less than a deadly combination of fun and misery. Summers in India are always extreme. Nonetheless, we often try to be ready to combat the effects of the sun and heat. From choosing the best sun creams to draping our faces with beautiful scarves, what do we not Read More

Five Myths about Eyes You Need To Stop Believing

Not everything we believe in is always a fact. For ages, we have been told about various potentially true beliefs about our eyes, by the older generation. However, many of them were possible ‘just potentially true’. Because not every believe is a fact. They are mostly just myths we blindly accept. Well, being exposed to Read More

5 Things You Should Include In Your Daily Diet for Healthy Eyes in summers

In summers, it is a great task to stay healthy, hydrated and refreshed. However, even bigger is the task to ensure the health of our eyes. Eyes are extremely sensitive organs. Excessive exposure to sun, dehydration and improper or no intake of required nutrients can cause serious damage to our eyes in summers. Therefore, it Read More

5 Facts You Should Know About Eye Cancer

The word cancer is devilish in itself. Moreover, when it affects one of the most sensitive organs, it gets even worse. In India, Eye Cancer is a highly comprehensive disease but is also fairly unknown. People are either unaware or possess very little information about the causes, symptoms, effects or even existence of this problem. Read More

Don’t Let Your Eyes Reveal Your Age

The passage of life’s year affects every individual’s health and medical conditions. From greying of hair to weakening of toes and knees, ageing brings to us various inconveniences. Nonetheless, would we want to add any more to this list of sufferings and problems? Surely, not. Thus, in the course of preventing yourself from the shades Read More

Smoking is injurious to Eyes. Quit Smoking.

For years we have been listening to and ignoring the fact that “Smoking is Injurious to Health.” Smoking is popularly known to associate with many health problems. It’s ill effects range from causing Lung issues to a disease like Cancer. However, did you ever think that underneath your breath, smoking is also damaging your eyesight? Read More

Save Your Sight By Acting At The Right Time.

How often do we ignore the effort we need to put to read a sign board located far off? Or the struggle of being unable to read the stories written in a closely held newspaper? Pages seemed to be painted by ink, both sides, but not a word to understand. Very casually we let go Read More