Blog Posts Published in 2020/October

Thu Oct 22 2020
What is a retinal tear implant? Read our expert view on it.

Here is the complete guide for retinal tear implant. This complete guide explains everything about the retinal tear, treatment, and more. Read our expert view.

Sun Oct 18 2020
Need more information on C3R eye surgery? Read ahead.

Here you can read the complete guide about C3R eye surgery, how it works, procedure, advantages-disadvantages, treatment, eye hospital, and more.

Thu Oct 15 2020
Need a squint specialist in Delhi?

Squint Specialist in Delhi - Here are some key points you should consider when you are finding the best squint surgeon to take care of your misaligned eyes.

Fri Oct 11 2020
Are you looking for a pediatric ophthalmologist? You have reached the right place.

Looking for a top pediatric ophthalmologist? Centre For Sight is the right place when you are finding the best pediatric ophthalmologist for your children's eyes.

Wed Oct 7 2020
A lowdown on complete eye care

Eyes need to properly take care of all the time as it is one of the most important organs. Here is the sneak peek of complete eye care, read it once.

Mon Oct 5 2020
A comprehensive discussion on SMILE eye surgery

Our comprehensive guide to SMILE eye surgery. This complete guide explains everything about SMILE eye surgery, its procedure, reasons to choose, treatment, & more.

Fri Oct 2 2020
A brief discussion on Cornea

Our comprehensive guide to Cornea. This complete guide explains everything about cornea related eye diseases, related treatment, and more.

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