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Thu Apr 21 2022
What is Oculoplasty and its recovery period?

Introduction  Oculoplastic surgical procedures are performed around the eyes to correct a medical problem and sometimes also for cosmetic reasons.[..]

Mon Apr 18 2022
Neuro Ophthalmology: What procedures does it include?

Introduction  The term neuro-ophthalmology is quite self-explanatory as it combines neurology and ophthalmology. So, in simple terms, you can say[..]

Fri Apr 15 2022
What happens when you have high eye pressure?

Introduction  Increased pressure inside the eye, also referred to as intraocular pressure, can cause many eye-related problems and severe[..]

Mon Apr 11 2022
Eye Cancer: What is it?

Introduction Eye cancer is one of the severe problems that can affect your eyes and cause visual impairment. It is a condition that affects your eye[..]

Sat Apr 09 2022
What does the term Diabetic Retinopathy mean?

Introduction  Diabetes is a chronic disease caused by the increased levels of sugar in the blood due to the inability of the pancreas to produce[..]

Sat Apr 09 2022
Contact Lenses vs Glasses: Which to get?

The decision to use contact lenses or eyeglasses to improve your vision primarily comes down to personal judgment. You should consider factors like[..]

Wed Apr 06 2022
What falls under Corneal Services?

Introduction  The cornea is the clear front window of the eye that transmits light and plays an important role in vision. When the cornea is injured[..]

Mon Apr 04 2022
What are Contact Lenses?

Introduction Refractive problems are pretty common among children and adults. These problems lead to nearsightedness and farsightedness that can be[..]

Fri Apr 01 2022
How to ensure Children’s Eye Care?

Introduction Throughout the child’s growing years, their eye health and eyesight will go through many changes that should be monitored. Growing[..]

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