Blog Posts Published in 2019/May

Fri May 31 2019
LASIK, PRK, SMILE - An Overview of Laser Eye surgery And How They Work

Individuals who suffer from refractive disorders of the eye are the ones with prescription glasses. These errors include myopia, hypermetropia and astigmatism. They undertake...

Wed May 29 2019
How Eye Donation Works in India

According to statistics, India is home to one-fourth of the global blind population, and seventy per cent of all visual impairment cases are preventable,...

Tue May 28 2019
5 Tips To Keep Your Vision Sharp

An individual’s vision is one of the most sensitive and vital senses that they possess. It is essential to keep your eyes healthy, protected...

Mon May 27 2019
How Blood Pressure is Related to Your Eyes?

The pressure exerted by blood against the walls of our blood vessels is known as blood pressure. Higher than usual blood pressure can lead...

Mon May 27 2019
How UV Rays Affect Your Eyes?

We take extra precautions and care every day to keep our eyes protected from anything that can harm it. Some of our actions are...

Sun May 26 2019
A Look into the Latest Developments of Glaucoma Treatment

Glaucoma refers to a group of eye diseases that damage the optic nerve and cause a gradual loss of vision. The extent of vision...

Sat May 25 2019
Can LASIK fix Astigmatism?

The LASIK procedure is one of the most common eye surgeries to treat blurred vision due to myopia and hypermetropia. While treating short-sightedness and...

Fri May 24 2019
How Alcohol Affects Our Eyes

Even though alcohol is legal to drink for people over the legal drinking age in India, drinking more than a moderate amount of alcohol...

Sat May 11 2019
Importance of eye examination for your children

Parents take care of their child’s every need and try their best to protect them from all illnesses and discomfort. You take your kids...

Sat May 11 2019
Tips to Keep Your Eyes Protected from Digital Strain

In today’s modern world, it is impossible to escape technology as it has become a part of our work, play, and everything in between....

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