Are your eyes under pressure, it can be a sign of Glaucoma?

The second most common cause of vision loss and blindness is the problem of glaucoma, a group of eye conditions that can affect many people. Glaucoma is the result of damage to the optic nerve from increased pressure of the eye. Intraocular Pressure The human eye is filled with fluid aqueous humor in the front Read More

Treat Astigmatism with daily eye exercises

Astigmatism is a common eye disorder that affects your vision. The muscles around your eyes are affected which causes undue stress on the cornea which causes the cornea to lose its shape, which in turn causes blurry vision. Some of the other symptoms of astigmatism include double vision, eyestrain, eye irritation, and headaches. It can Read More

Have a look at our warning signs of Child Vision problems!

Nowadays it is estimated that 60 percent of children with learning difficulties have undiagnosed vision problems, and 80 percent of learning is visual.Sometimes, the condition puts these children at a serious disadvantage in their education and their social development. So here’s what you can do as parents to make sure this doesn’t happen to our Read More

Do you know what is Dacryocystitis?

The infection of the tear sac (lacrimal sac)located on the inner part of eye which is called Dacryocystitis. As tears leave your eyes they drain through this sac. Tears help in keeping your eyes hydrated, free from bacteria and clean. The lacrimal glands underneath your upper eyelids produce tears which travelthrough small openings to the Read More

Want to get rid of the Eye Discharge?

Do you know the gunk that you have crusted from the corners of your eyes when you wake up in the morning? It’s normal, and everyone has it. Some people may refer to it as “eye boogers” or “sleep in your eyes,” but it’s technical term is “rheum”which is often yellow and thick. Sometimes it Read More

Do you know, what is ICL?

Implantable Collamer Lens surgery (ICL), as the name itself defines, is a process, wherein a pair of lens is implanted into the eyes which are not required to be removed like normal contact lenses. These lenses are similar contact lenses but are inserted within the eyes for long-term vision correction and works with the natural Read More

Want to improve your vision naturally, here’s what you should know!

Do you wish you could see better? There are a handful of behaviors and routines that can keep your eyes healthy so to maintain the vision you have. Some of the tips may also help temporarily relieve poor vision symptoms such as eyestrain or blurriness, which actually can help you see better. Eat Healthy for Read More

Is an online Eye Test being better or not?

Now a days most convenient way to check your vision or get an eyeglass prescription is an option of online eye test but beware, these tests aren’t all they are chocked up to be but they may even be dangerous. Have you ever thought an online eye test is really for testing? An online eye Read More

Benefits of SMILE Treatment!

SMILE is short for Small Incision Lenticule Extraction and ReLEx stands for Refractive Lenticule Extraction. SMILE eye surgery is used to treat short-sightedness both with and without astigmatism. The technique of SMILE has similar benefits to more well-known techniques such as LASIK surgery, but there is an important difference of treatment that it is done Read More

New Year Resolution: Get free from glasses with LASIK.

What’s your New Year Resolution? Is Lasik 2019 your goal? Have you thought about the advantages Lasik has beyond losing the glasses? Laser eye surgery has been a popular solution for people with common vision problems, not everyone with vision queries is familiar with the benefits of LASIK or laser eye surgery. Lifestyle freedoms are Read More