Blog Posts Published in 2022/September

Fri Sep 16 2022
Keratoconus Eye Disorder: Types, Signs, & Treatments

Keratoconus is a progressive disease that affects the patient’s cornea. The cornea, the top transparent layer of our eyes, gets thin and slopes[..]

Tue Sep 13 2022
Eye Tumour Treatment At Centre for Sightv

All age groups, from young toddlers to older adults, can get affected by eye tumours and their supporting tissues (Ocular Oncology). A specialized[..]

Sat Sep 10 2022
Eye floaters – Are these small spots in your vision dangerous?

Spots in your eyes are called eye floaters. If you move your eyes, they may appear as black or grey specks, strings, or cobwebs that move around and[..]

Wed Sep 07 2022
Can Color Blindness Be Dangerous?

You see colors differently than most people if you are color blind. Color blindness is typically genetic and makes it difficult to distinguish[..]

Mon Sep 05 2022
Blue Light and Eye Health: What You Should Know!

One of our fundamental requirements is to bask in the light. It is beneficial for regulating our circadian rhythm, or our natural cycle of awake and[..]

Fri Sep 02 2022
What Happens When There’s Blood In Your Eye?

While a red spot on the eye could seem concerning, it is seldom a medical issue. A crimson spot on the eye typically develops as a result of blood[..]

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