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Thu Jul 28 2022
Different Types Of Low Vision You Should Know!

We all know that low vision is a loss of eyesight that lenses, surgery, or glasses cannot improve. Also, the remaining limited sight means it is not[..]

Mon Jul 25 2022
Squint Eyes: Best Exercises To Get Rid Of It

As we all know, the eyes are one of the most sensitive organs in the human body. We should never take our eyes for granted as they can easily suffer[..]

Sat Jul 23 2022
SMILE Treatment: Time to know all about It

We all know that our eyes are one of the most important and sensitive organs of the human body, and we need to take extra care of them. But like[..]

Thu Jul 21 2022
What is Retinoblastoma and its stages?

Retinoblastoma is a kind of pediatric cancer affecting the eye’s retina. The retina is found at the back of the eye and helps in visualization.[..]

Tue Jul 19 2022
What happens when you have Retinitis Pigmentosa?

Retinitis pigmentosa (RP) is a hereditary retinal disease, frequently identified in childhood or adolescence and results in a gradual deterioration[..]

Sat Jul 16 2022
What are Neuro ophthalmology disorders you should know about?

Neuro-ophthalmology disorders are complex systemic diseases of the nervous system that tend to affect vision, eye movements, alignment within the[..]

Thu Jul 14 2022
Glasses For Old Age: Why do Senior Citizens Need It?

You probably don’t give your vision much thought when you’re in your twenties or thirties. You could take precautions for your overall[..]

Mon Jul 11 2022
Diabetic Retinopathy: Learn All About It!

We all know that humans can suffer from several different diseases, some of which can be pretty deadly. When we talk about diseases, one of the most[..]

Sat Jul 09 2022
Contact Lenses vs Glasses: Which to get?

The decision to use contact lenses or eyeglasses to improve your vision primarily comes down to personal judgment. You should consider factors like[..]

Thu Jul 07 2022
Choosing the Right Keratoconus Treatment

Keratoconus affects one out of every 2,000 people, and you’re probably unaware of it. Keratoconus is a disorder in which the cornea bulges[..]

Tue Jul 05 2022
Cataract Surgery With Glaucoma: Is It Safe?

Primary causes of blindness worldwide, cataracts, and Glaucoma frequently coexist in elderly persons. The combination of both procedures may raise[..]

Sat Jul 02 2022
Cataract Surgery: Everything You Should Know

As we know, our eyes are one of the most sensitive organs of our body, so we need to take extra care of them. One of the most common problems related[..]

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