Blog Posts Published in 2022/August

Tue Aug 30 2022
Strabismus Vs. Squint: How Are They Different From Each Other?

Strabismus vs. Squint vs. lazy eye: Know the difference between these eye disorders. Learn about the treatment options available. Read the blog.

Sat Aug 27 2022
How likely is Retinal Detachment to occur During Pregnancy?

Retinal detachment during pregnancy. Diseases like choroidopathy and hypertensive retinopathy can be brought on by pregnancy. Read the blog to learn more.

Thu Aug 25 2022
What should you know about your Peripheral Vision?

Peripheral vision is the part of our vision outside the center of our gaze. Learn what causes poor peripheral vision and the treatment options available

Mon Aug 22 2022
Pediatric Ophthalmology: What exactly is it?

Pediatric ophthalmologists can diagnose, treat, and manage all children's eye problems. Learn the types of eye problems and tips for eye care in toddlers.

Fri Aug 19 2022
What is the most recommended Lazy Eye Treatment?

What are Lazy Eye treatment options? Treatment options for lazy eye include corrective eyeglasses and contact lenses, eyepatches, & surgery. Read the blog.

Tue Aug 16 2022
Everything you need to know about Dilated Pupils

Know everything about dilated eyes. Its importance, complete process, how long it lasts, side effects, necessary precautions, & treatment options.

Thu Aug 11 2022
Astigmatism Vs. Myopia: What's the Difference?

Astigmatism vs Myopia: Both are refractive errors which mean they can be quite similar, albeit being different conditions. Understand the major differences.

Mon Aug 8 2022
What are Shingles in the Eye?

Shingles of the eye is a painful viral infections on the eye. Learn about the symptoms, causes, and treatment options for shingles in the eyes. Read the blog.

Thu Aug 4 2022
ICL vs Lasik: What's the difference?

ICL vs Lasik: Know the Difference! ICL and Lasik are both vision correction procedures. Learn the comparison between ICL and LASIK. Read the blog.

Mon Aug 1 2022
Black Spot in Eye: Everything You Should Know About It

Understand everything about the black dots in the eyes (also known as Black eye floaters). Learn its primary causes and treatment routes. Read the blog.

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