Blog Posts Published in 2021/December

Tue Dec 28 2021
Winter Eye Health: 5 Essential Seasonal Eye Care Tips

Here are some tips for eyes health during winter to helpyou take care of your eyes. These tips for healthy eyes canbe implemented instantaneously.

Sat Dec 25 2021
Watery Eyes: Causes, Treatments, and Remedies

Having watery eyes? Know the causes of watery eyes, treatment options for watering eyes, and preventative measures to avoid watery eyes.

Thu Dec 23 2021
Pressure Behind the Eyes: Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention

Pressure behind the eyes may be caused by the brain andeyes trying to compensate for poor vision. It can be due todry eyes, or inflammation. Learn more.

Mon Dec 20 2021
How to Alleviate Eye Allergies - Centre for Sight

Want to reduce the allergic reaction to your eyes? Followthe steps to alleviate your eye allergies by using lubricatingeye drops to flush out allergens.

Thu Dec 16 2021
SMILE Vision Correction: What to Expect Before and After!

SMILE is a refractive eye surgery that corrects vision problems. Here’s what you should expect before and after the SMILE vision correction.

Mon Dec 13 2021
What is Retinoblastoma and Can it be Cured?

Explore the symptoms of Retinoblastoma along with the different types of Retinoblastoma treatments available to protect your child’s eyes.

Sat Dec 11 2021
What is Melanoma of the Eye and Who Gets it?

Eye melanoma, or ocular melanoma, is the most common type of eye cancer. Learn more about the types of eye melanoma, as well possible causes, risk factors, and treatments, here.

Wed Dec 8 2021
Different Keratoconus Treatment Options that are Available in India!

Here is a guide on different Keratoconus treatment options that are available in India. Also read about symptoms of Keratoconus and why Centre For Sight is a good option for treatment.

Mon Dec 6 2021
Why do you have Itchy Eyelashes and How Can You Prevent Them?

If you suffer from itchy eyes, understanding the cause is the key to treatment and relief. This post will help you to understand causes & treatment for itchy eyelashes.

Fri Dec 3 2021
Wondering How to Improve Your Eyesight? Try These Tips!

When was the last time you got your vision checked? If you’re experiencing vision issues and wondering how to improve your eyesight, you can follow these tips.

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