Blog Posts Published in 2021/May

Tue May 25 2021
Chalazion: A Common Eye Infection You Might Not Have Heard Of!

This complete guide explains everything about Chalazion Surgery, its causes, symptoms, Chalazion vs Stye, Chalazion treatment, and more.

Wed May 19 2021
Should you be worried about your eyesight during pregnancy?

Eyesight During Pregnancy - Some might experience vision changes in pregnancy. Here, we have listed some of the eye problems during pregnancy and its solution.

Sun May 16 2021
Paediatric Ophthalmology: What does it mean?

Here is the complete guide of Paediatric Ophthalmology including pediatric eye pain problems, their causes, pediatric treatment, and more.

Fri May 14 2021
What to Expect During a Strabismus Surgery?

Our comprehensive guide to Strabismus Surgery. This complete guide explains everything about Strabismus Surgery Procedure, its risks and more.

Wed May 12 2021
What should you do if you have a swollen eyelid?

Our comprehensive guide to Swollen eyelids. This complete guide explains everything about Swollen eyelid causes, its treatment, and more.

Mon May 10 2021
The genetics of eye colour explained!

In this article, we have covered the science of pigmentation and the genetics of eye color. Read about pigments and their role in the genetics of eye color.

Fri May 7 2021
What is a Visual Acuity Test?

Understanding Visual Acuity Test - A comprehensive guide to Visual Acuity Test, and it's all possible procedures. Read about Visual Acuity Test 6/6.

Tue May 4 2021
A comprehensive guide to SMILE Refractive Procedure

Here is the complete guide of the SMILE Refractive Procedure including its complications, the best hospital for SMILE Refractive surgery, and more.

Sat May 1 2021
What to Expect During a Dacryocystitis Surgery?

Understanding Dacryocystitis Surgery - A comprehensive guide to Dacryocystitis Surgery, its symptoms, and causes. Read about Dacryocystitis treatments.

Sat May 22 2021
Does the Covid 19 vaccine have an effect on your eyes?

Covid 19 Vaccine Effect on Eyes - This complete guide explains after-effects of the Coronavirus vaccine on eyes like dry eyes issues and more.

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