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Wed Jan 11 2017
Laser Eye Operation

There exist various type laser eye operations like LASIK, Bladeless LASIK, PRK and SMILE having great outcomes and high success rates. They[..]

Wed Jan 11 2017
Specs Removal Operation

The term which is used to depict surgical procedures to correct common visual problems like nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism[..]

Wed Jan 11 2017

SMILE (Small incision lenticule extraction) is a Laser vision correction beyond LASIK, a step towards flapless, minimally invasive laser correction.[..]

Wed Jan 11 2017
Understanding complications of LASIK Surgery

Due to technological medical advancements, LASIK has become one unanimous procedure of choice for treatment of eye ailments resulting in better[..]

Wed Jan 11 2017
Cataract Surgery Specialist

Cataract is one of the most common eye disorders and is undetectable at very early stages. So to be on safe side, one should be concerned about[..]

Wed Jan 11 2017
Congenital Cataracts- An Overview

Cataracts in infants are a rare condition but it is completely possible. It is known as congenital cataract and it means that the eye’s[..]

Wed Jan 11 2017
Dry Eyes after LASIK

Dry eyes after LASIK are so common that they occur in about half of all LASIK patients. While the condition more often than not is[..]

Wed Jan 11 2017
Eye Safety- Corneal Abrasions

Eye safety can be easily overlooked in our daily lives. In most cases, simple precautions can help you prevent eye injuries at work, home[..]

Wed Jan 11 2017
Tips for Buying Eyeglasses for Your Children

If you’re a parent in search of the right pair of eyeglasses for your child, this is just the right read for you. For starters, most[..]

Wed Jan 11 2017
LAISIK- Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to surgeries and medical procedures, everyone is a little hesitant and has many queries and doubts. Here are the answers to some of the[..]

Wed Jan 11 2017
LASIK- Pre-operative Procedures

If you are considering LASIK eye operation, then you can be rest assured about the procedure because at Centre for Sight we care for every eye. We[..]

Wed Jan 11 2017
LASIK- Post-operative Care

Just like pre-operative procedures and care, there are certain things that come under post-operative care. For starters, upon completion of your[..]

Wed Jan 11 2017
LASIK – A Modern Technology Advancement

Science advancements in medical fields have made the treatment of any sort, easy and applicable. With the invention of scientific medical treatments[..]

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