Blog Posts Published in 2016/February

Wed Feb 24 2016
Caffeine – A Possible Anti-Cataract Element?

The coffee you drink in the morning might be more than just wake you up. It may protect your eyes from Cataract as well. But before talking about how[..]

Mon Feb 22 2016
Beauty is forever, Beauty Products are not: Expiration Date on your Eye Products

  Just about everything has an expiration date on it if it’s consumable, right? Cosmetics have a time such limit, considering we put those in our[..]

Mon Feb 22 2016
Lasik Surgery Or Contacts: Which One Is Right For You?

Not everybody is a fan of wearing eyeglasses daily. If you want to be free from them by removing the issues affecting eyesight, you have possible two[..]

Fri Feb 19 2016
Spring has sprung. 5 Tips to prepare for Allergy Season

  Seasonal allergies happen only at certain times of the year, usually early spring through summer and into autumn. Main reason for them to occur[..]

Tue Feb 16 2016
Books or E-Readers? Which are better for your eyes?

Reading is a good habit by all sorts but the way you’re reading also has an impact on your physical and mental health. In our technology-driven[..]

Tue Feb 16 2016
Retinal Detachment – Cause & Cure

The light sensitive tissue lining the back of the eyes is known as Retina. It is responsible for converting the light rays into impulses that travel[..]

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