Exam Stress? Five Exercises to Keep Your Eyes Relaxed During Preparations

Exam time is around the corner and stress is expected to hang high on the head of every student. During preparation time, fatigue for the body and the brain is a major problem faced by every student. However, the most problematic of all the pain and stress can be the strain that’s caused to your Read More

Why Is Sleep Important For Your Eyes?

Sleep deprivation is a phenomenon which poses numerous disadvantages to your health. Talking in accordance with eye health, loosing onto sleep after an extensive work routine accompanied with a computer screen all day long in front of your eyes can cause chronic eye fatigue. In the recent times, a majority of people are suffering various Read More

Five Problems Your Parents Might Be Complaining About Which Are Actually the Symptoms of Cataract

With age come many problems and the change in senses can be the scariest one. It has a huge impact on the comfort, safety and ability of an individual to understand their surroundings. Most prominently, after a particular age, your eyesight begins to weaken and numerous health problems can lead to eye related problems such Read More

Five Things You Should Know About Robotic Cataract Surgery

What Is Cataracts? Cataract is the clouding of the lens inside the eye that prevents clear, sharp vision. It may cause loss of vision if not cured on time. To restore a clear vision, a surgeon performs the cataract surgery where he makes a cut in the cornea to enter into the eye and remove Read More

This Christmas, Be Someone’s Santa

Christmas is the most soulful occasion for sharing love and concern. The true essence of love lies in going an extra mile to give your loved ones what they truly want. This Christmas, be a Santa to your ‘specsy’ friends and gift them a better eye healthcare. Here are all the ideas you need to Read More

7 things you should know about LASIK Surgery

LASIK, abbreviated for laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis, is the most popular surgical procedure used to treat refractive errors. All the vision problems which occur due to refractive errors, including astigmatism and hyperopia, can be treated through LASIK Surgery. Thus, LASIK proves to be the best solution to get over all the troubles which occur with Read More

5 Ways to Protect Your Eyes from Pollution

The level of pollutants present in the air we breathe is alarming. Mostly, we consider these pollutants to be harmful for our skin, respiratory system, and cardiovascular systems. Nonetheless, the pollution we live amidst of is causing a great harm to our eyes too. Yes, the pollutants which are emitted from various industries in the Read More

5 Ways to take care of your Eyes this winter

With the occasion of Christmas and New Year around the corner, the winter season is at its peak. Along with the epitome of celebrations and lights, winters bring along snowy breezes and a dry weather. The dryness of the air, the use of heaters, and less intake of water causes serious problems to our health. Read More

5 Eye Problems Your Parents Are Complaining About That Can Be Cataract

Ageing through life can be a distressing journey. The time gets harder for them with the pain of weakened bones and debased senses. Under such circumstances, the most sensitive organ of our body, the eyes, gets ridden the first. Middle-aged and old aged people are prone to suffer various eye problems. After a particular age, Read More

Why Do Animals Eye Glow In Dark?

The eyes are the most sensitive and smallest sensory organ in the body of a living organism. However, it is also the most complex and intriguing sensory organ. The functioning of human eyes resembles that of a camera. Cornea, the transparent frontal part of the eye helps in protecting the iris, the pupil, and the Read More