5 Warning Signs that shows Eyesight is declining

  Eyes arenot exempt from the wear and tear of aging. Eyesight tends to deteriorate more gradually than suddenly. In fact, the warning signs of loss of vision in adults can be so subtle that you don’t even notice them. But being aware of certain warning signs can help you take appropriate steps to maintain Read More

This Summer, ‘SMILE’ with your eyes: Laser Eye Surgery

  Summer Holidays are undoubtedly the most loved time of the year by people of all age groups. Planning adventure trips, joining hobby classes, spending time with the entire family is what everyone looks forward to. It is the time of the year when there is a smile on every face. This is the time Read More

How to not lose vision to Diabetes

  Diabetes mellitus (DM), simply referred to as diabetes, is a cluster of diseases upsetting the body metabolism resulting in high blood sugar levels and producing commonly observed symptoms like frequent urination, increased thirst, and increased hunger. When left uncontrolled, it leads to complications affecting various parts of the body – including the eyes. Individuals who Read More

Preparing Your Child’s Eyes for Sunshine and Summertime

  The time of ice creams, beaches, and summer fun is here. Amid the warm summer months, a great many families can be found splashing around in the pool, swimming at the beach, riding bicycles, playing summer sports, enjoying picnics in the park, and numerous other outdoor activities. Summertime implies more time spent outdoors and Read More

UV Light’s role in Cataract Formation

  Sun’s Ultraviolet rays have been known to cause eye damage, including cataracts,degeneration, pingueculae, pterygia and photokeratitis that can cause temporary vision loss. This UV radiation present in sunlight is absorbed by the lens of the eye and allows chemicals called free radicals to form inside the lens. Over time, free radicals may damage the Read More

Gender Vision Differences: Men and Women don’t see Eye To Eye

  According to a conducted study, it is a fact that the way women and men see things are quite different. Researchers from Brooklyn and Hunter Colleges of the City University of New York compared the vision of men and women aged over 16 from both college and high school, including students and staff. All Read More

Good Grades should not come at the cost of Deteriorated Vision

  A good education is an important part in helping children prepare for future and an important part of student’s academic life comprises of examinations. Research shows that some factors can impair learning, lead to poor performance and affect life tasks. Moreover, last minute preparations and re-reading notes and textbooks around exam time can strain Read More

Pollutants in Air: How to Protect your Eyes from Harm

  Human eyes are sensitive and prone to irritations from allergies, chemicals and pollutants in the air. Some people might notice their eyes are red and itchy on days air pollution is high. Manifestations of air pollution can range from minimal or no symptoms to a chronic discomfort and eye irritation. There may also be specific situations, Read More

Caffeine – A Possible Anti-Cataract Element?

  The coffee you drink in the morning might be more than just wake you up. It may protect your eyes from Cataract as well. But before talking about how coffee can help, let’s first understand what cataract is. Our eyes have a clear, crystalline lens which works to focus on things at varying distances. Read More

Lasik Surgery Or Contacts: Which One Is Right For You?

  Not everybody is a fan of wearing eyeglasses daily. If you want to be free from them by removing the issues affecting eyesight, you have possible two ways in front of you. Either you get LASIK surgery to get rid of the glasses or you can wear contact lenses as an alternative, both of Read More