While you enjoy Dusshera, many sit in the dark. Pledge to donate your eyes and Light a Life!

While you enjoy Dusshera, many sit in the dark. Pledge to donate your eyes and Light a Life!

The season of festivals is around the corner. For the next few months, every day would bring a charismatic moment of celebration to life. From Dusshera and Diwali to Christmas and New Year, the season ahead will be full of energy, happiness, prosperity, and lights. Festival seasons are special for the absolute amusement of burning Read More

Could Fasting cause Dry Eyes?

Could Fasting cause Dry Eyes

Fasting is a holy ritual performed by many religious communities such as the Hindus, Jains, and Muslims. It is considered to be a way of detoxifying the body and relaxing the soul. However, prolonged fasting can cause some extensive health problems to various parts of our body. Cardiovascular diseases and gastric problems are the most Read More


Who doesn’t wish to look the best on their wedding day? For most of us, wedding is one of the most auspicious occasions of our life. Whatever we may call it, a new beginning or a critical juncture, we all build some intricate and beautiful expectations for our wedding days. Looking flawless through all the Read More


In some professions, dealing with contact lenses and eyeglasses can cause an adverse effect on both our performance and the health of our eyes. For instance, being an army officer or a pilot would require you to have a clear and sharp vision without lenses and glasses to ensure the effectiveness of your job performance. Read More

10 questions you need to ask your doctor when you go for lasik screening

Don’t know the right questions to ask your surgeon when you go for LASIK!! Here are 10 questions you need to ask your doctor when you go for LASIK Surgery.

Why do we cry?

Ever wonder why water comes out of our eyes when we are sad or tired or frustrated? Turns out that crying is one of the most unique and complicated featureof human behaviors. It is the only thing that is unique to humans. And the tears themselves are complex–we actually shed three different kinds of tears.We Read More

Surprising Animal Vision Facts

Did you know? Animals see the world very differently than we do. Let’s check out some interesting facts about how animal vision differs from human vision. 1.) Dogs Our most loyal friend can’t even actually see most of the colors of this beautiful world. A dog’s vision is restricted to the color tone that involves Read More

What Really Happens When You Sleep In Your Contact Lenses?

o you dislike wearing spectacles or your reading glasses? If yes, then we believe that you alternatively wear contact lenses for corrective vision. If you wear contact lenses regularly, there is a strong chance you may have sometimes fallen asleep wearing those lenses. As a matter of fact, ophthalmologists highly disapprove the use of contact Read More

Have You Ever Thought What Happens To Your Eyes During Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a hyper-attentive state of our sub-conscious mind. Under hypnosis, our attention and awareness of the external world is reduced. The state of hypnosis makes us attentive towards our sub-conscious mind and enhances our capacity to respond to something being said or done. In contradiction to how it is perceived, hypnosis is a natural Read More

Monsoons Are Here And So Are Eye Problems. Here Are 7 Tips You Need To Follow This Monsoon For Healthy Eyes

The onset of monsoon is always cherished because it brings relief from the scorching sun and the terrible heat. Enjoying the rain and getting all drenched once in awhile is a feeling of bliss. However, the monsoon season also accounts to be the season of infections and diseases. Air becomes a commuting medium for the Read More