Blog Posts Published in 2022/February

Thu Feb 10 2022
What is the Impact of Video Games on Eyes?

With the advent of smartphones and tablets, video games have become even more accessible to children than before. Of course, you cannot keep your[..]

Tue Feb 08 2022
Nearsightedness: What is it and how can you get it treated?

Did you know that a recent study revealed that by 2030, 31.89% of children aged 5-15 would suffer from nearsightedness? The same study also revealed[..]

Sat Feb 05 2022
Eye Checkup: What to Expect During an Eye Examination?

An eye checkup can include a series of different tests that optometrists and ophthalmologists carry out. These tests are carried out to ascertain[..]

Wed Feb 02 2022
Eye care during pregnancy: Are these changes alarming you?

When you’re pregnant, you naturally expect a few common symptoms associated with pregnancy to show up down the line. Morning sickness, back[..]

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