Blog Posts Published in 2022/January

Tue Jan 25 2022
What to expect before, during, and after LASIK eye surgery?

Read about what to expect before, during and post Lasik surgery. There's a reason LASIK is the most popular elective surgery in the world.

Mon Jan 24 2022
What are the types and symptoms of common retinal diseases?

Learn about common retinal disorders and treatments in detail. Some retinal diseases are chronic while some are easily treatable. Read the blog to know more.

Sun Jan 23 2022
4 Specs removal operations you should ask your doctor about!

Want to get rid of your glasses? Learn about the different types of glass removal procedures to correct vision problems.

Sat Jan 22 2022
Post cataract surgery recovery time and care

How Long Should You Rest After Cataract Eye Surgery? Postoperative activity restrictions vary per physician. Read the blog to learn more.

Thu Jan 20 2022
What is Neuro Ophthalmology and what diseases fall under it?

Neuro-ophthalmology is a subspecialty of both neurology and ophthalmology. Know how the damage to the optic nerves can cause pain and vision problems

Tue Jan 11 2022
Are there any natural eye care tips and tricks I can follow?

It's not difficult to maintain eye health on your own. Here are five ways to protect your eyes so you can keep gazing at the sky for years to come.

Sat Jan 8 2022
Electronics are Negatively Affecting Your Eyes! Here’s how to protect them!

Do you suffer from Computer Eye Strain?Know the causes, symptoms, and treatment options of Computer Vision Syndrome in this blog.

Fri Jan 7 2022
Eye Donation and Eye Bank: Crucial Things To Know

All the eyes donated to the eye bank are used, & a record is maintained. The importance of eye donation is huge as eye donation can help someone see again.

Mon Jan 3 2022
Everything You Need To Know About Burning Eyes

Learn about the causes of burning eyes, what makes them worse or better, whether the person has a history of any other eye ailment and how to treat them.

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