Blog Posts Published in 2016/March

Mon Mar 21 2016
Gender Vision Differences: Men and Women don’t see Eye To Eye

  According to a conducted study, it is a fact that the way women and men see things are quite different. Researchers from Brooklyn...

Mon Mar 21 2016
UV Light’s role in Cataract Formation

  Sun’s Ultraviolet rays have been known to cause eye damage, including cataracts,degeneration, pingueculae, pterygia and photokeratitis that can cause temporary vision loss. This...

Thu Mar 17 2016
Good Grades should not come at the cost of Deteriorated Vision

  A good education is an important part in helping children prepare for future and an important part of student’s academic life comprises of...

Thu Mar 17 2016
Pollutants in Air: How to Protect your Eyes from Harm

Air pollution refers to the mix of harmful particles, gases, and elements in the air that can reach high levels of concentration, both indoors...

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