5 Ways to take care of your Eyes this winter

With the occasion of Christmas and New Year around the corner, the winter season is at its peak. Along with the epitome of celebrations and lights, winters bring along snowy breezes and a dry weather. The dryness of the air, the use of heaters, and less intake of water causes serious problems to our health. Read More

5 Eye Problems Your Parents Are Complaining About That Can Be Cataract

Ageing through life can be a distressing journey. The time gets harder for them with the pain of weakened bones and debased senses. Under such circumstances, the most sensitive organ of our body, the eyes, gets ridden the first. Middle-aged and old aged people are prone to suffer various eye problems. After a particular age, Read More

Why Do Animals Eye Glow In Dark?

The eyes are the most sensitive and smallest sensory organ in the body of a living organism. However, it is also the most complex and intriguing sensory organ. The functioning of human eyes resembles that of a camera. Cornea, the transparent frontal part of the eye helps in protecting the iris, the pupil, and the Read More

An Eye Tattoo Can Cost You Your Vision

An Eye tattoo! Yes, you read it right. For some readers, this idea can be too alien and unacceptable. However, there is an entire generation falling for the trend of having a set of uniquely designed eyes. It’s been a while since people have been trying all sorts of methods of extreme body modifications and Read More

If You Have These Five Symptoms, It Is Glaucoma

What is Glaucoma? Glaucoma is the second most-leading cause of blindness around the world. In India, this eye disease is popularly known as ‘Kala Motia’. There are various forms of glaucoma which primarily affect our optic nerve. The main function of the optic nerves is to carry visual information to our brain Glaucoma occurs in Read More

Seven Unhealthy Habits You Must Avoid To Keep Your Eyes Healthy

Our eyes are the most sensitive sensory organs. Knowingly or unknowingly, we cause a great damage to our eyes, every day, both inside and out. An unhealthy lifestyle can cause numerous problems to us. However, the first impact is visible only on our eyes. The area around our eyes is most likely to show the Read More

What To Do In Case Of An Eye Accident While Burning Crackers?

The days of Diwali celebration are around the corner and everybody is enthralled with the idea of lights, sweets, and fireworks. Nonetheless, amidst of the extravagant celebration, we must not forget to be careful. It is so because, in case of ignorance, firecrackers can cause dangerous injuries to us. Our skin and our eyes are Read More

Five Ways To Keep Your Eyes Safe This Diwali

Five Ways To Keep Your Eyes Safe This Diwali

In India, Diwali is not just a festival, it’s an entire season of extravagant celebration of prosperity and happiness. From children to the eldest member of the family eagerly waits for this time of the year to arrive. The days of Diwali are filled with the flavours of sweets and are illuminated with the brightness Read More

While you enjoy Dusshera, many sit in the dark. Pledge to donate your eyes and Light a Life!

While you enjoy Dusshera, many sit in the dark. Pledge to donate your eyes and Light a Life!

The season of festivals is around the corner. For the next few months, every day would bring a charismatic moment of celebration to life. From Dusshera and Diwali to Christmas and New Year, the season ahead will be full of energy, happiness, prosperity, and lights. Festival seasons are special for the absolute amusement of burning Read More

Could Fasting cause Dry Eyes?

Could Fasting cause Dry Eyes

Fasting is a holy ritual performed by many religious communities such as the Hindus, Jains, and Muslims. It is considered to be a way of detoxifying the body and relaxing the soul. However, prolonged fasting can cause some extensive health problems to various parts of our body. Cardiovascular diseases and gastric problems are the most Read More