Makeup Tips for Healthy Eyes

There’s no doubt that for women, eye makeup products are one of the best things that exist. However, irresponsible use of anything can be harmful. When it is a matter of Eye care, we must always be more alert. Here we have enlisted some makeup tips for healthy eyes so that you do not have Read More

The Season of Allergies is Back: Tips to Reduce

The beauty of the spring season is often adulterated when we have to deal with various allergies that occur during this season. However, in the springtime, our surroundings are bound to host numerous airborne allergens such as mold, dust, pollen, and pet dander. These allergens cause spring eye allergies inducing damage to our eyes. Eye Read More

Did You Know You Need To Pass the Following Tests Before Undergoing LASIK

Before undergoing a LASIK surgery, there is a complete set of tests that are performed by the eye specialist on the patient. These tests are done to examine the eye health and vision of the patient and ensure that he is a suitable candidate to undergo LASIK eye surgery. The tests include an examination of Read More

Eye Care Tips For Your Pets

Most of the pets are born with healthy eyes. They develop certain eye disorders and infections due to a growing age or genetic conditions. They can be affected with retinal atrophy and glaucoma even in a young age which results in gradual loss of sight and ultimately blindness. Pets can get eye issues from injury Read More

Your Summer Diet Chart for Healthy Vision

The summer season is here and everyone is focussed on healthy eating for our body. One focuses on eating fruits and vegetables that make their heart, bones and muscles fit and healthy. But, do you focus on keeping a summer diet chart for keeping our vision healthy? It is very important to keep our eyes Read More

Simple Eye Exercises to Relieve Computer Eye Strain & Stress

Just like your body needs rest, your eyes need rest too. Today, a majority of the people have jobs that require working on & looking at a computer for a long time period. This puts a severe strain on your eyes. Poor lighting, not blinking your eyes enough, not rolling your eyeballs frequently are factors Read More

Pink Eyes: What Is It & How to Prevent It

What is Pink Eye? Pink Eye is a term for conjunctivitis. It is an eye condition in which inflammation occurs to the conjunctiva, which is the thin clear tissue that lies over the white part of the eye & also inside of the eyelids. The conjunctiva is transparent & contains blood vessels that overlap the Read More

Financial Year Closing & Eye Stress! Here Are Few Tips to Keep Your Eyes Healthy

Take A Break From Your Screen If you spend a lot of time at the computer, then it’s time to shift your focus and take a break from the screen. Looking continuously at a screen reduces your blinking rate and causes fatigue in the eyes. Staring at a computer or phone screen for hours due Read More

Your Guide To Take Care Of Your Eyes In Summers

By staying active towards eye care during the hot summer months, you can minimize the risks of getting an eye infection or other eye disorder. These 5 tips will help you beat the summer season easily & care for your eyes & vision in the best possible ways- Wear Oversized Protective Sunglasses During summers, it Read More