Blog Posts Published in 2021/August

Tue Aug 31 2021
Eye Care in Monsoon: What Needs to be Done?

Monsoons are loved by many of us who love rain and look forward to relief from the sweaty summers. But as good as monsoons are, they also bring a lot[..]

Fri Aug 27 2021
Can you use Optical Illusion for eyesight improvement?

You must have come across many pictures, images and videos on the internet that seem to play tricks with your eyes and make you see something that[..]

Mon Aug 23 2021
What Should You Know Before an Eye Exam for Kids?

Kids have regular health checkups with their paediatrician during their growth years to ensure their overall health. These health checkups also[..]

Fri Aug 20 2021
Tele-ophthalmology: What does it mean?

Did you know that you can now avail health services online as well? Such health related services that are distributed to those in need through[..]

Tue Aug 17 2021
Retinal Tear Treatment to Prevent Blindness!

Do you know how complex the structure of the eye is? Multiple small yet very important parts come together to form the whole eye and function in[..]

Sat Aug 07 2021
Battle Inflammation with a Proper Uveitis Treatment

Eye problems range from some non-serious infections to severe problems that may hamper your vision. Uveitis is a word collectively used for[..]

Thu Aug 05 2021
What to Do During a Glaucoma Attack?

Glaucoma is one of the most severe eye problems and can permanently hamper your vision if not treated on time. In this condition, your optic nerve is[..]

Mon Aug 02 2021
Combat Corneal Changes with Keratoconus Treatment C3R!

Today, there are a variety of treatments available for eye-related problems with a very high success rate. There are different forms of treatments[..]

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