Blog Posts Published in 2021/January

Mon Jan 25 2021
Thinking about getting laser treatment for eyes?

Time & again, we hear about how laser treatment for eyes is now becoming increasingly popular, and people are opting for laser eye surgeries to[..]

Tue Jan 19 2021
Did you know Sleep and Vision are directly related!

Yes, you heard it right. Sleep and vision are connected.  We all know that sleep is essential for the healthy functioning of a body and helps in[..]

Sat Jan 16 2021
How to go about Winter Eye Protection – Tips & Tricks

We all take special care of our eyes during summers, but what about winters! During winters, the air gets dry, causing irritation in the eyes.[..]

Thu Jan 14 2021
Want to pledge your eyes? Know how Eye Donation Banks work!

According to WHO – at least 1 billion people globally have a moderate or severe distance vision impairment or blindness. In a lot of these[..]

Sat Jan 09 2021
Unravelling Myths and Facts about Cataract

Cataract occurs as a result of clouding of natural lens of the eye, which leads to blurring of vision, decrease in contrast sensitivity, night vision[..]

Mon Jan 04 2021
5 Sports Eye Safety Tips

Sport & recreational activities are becoming increasingly popular these days and are also a part of a healthy lifestyle. However, each sport also[..]

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